3 Reasons We Love White Oak

3 Reasons We Love White Oak
Design: Blair Austin Studio | Photo: Sydney Parrish | Floor: Greta

At Stuga, we love white oak. We love it so much, in fact, that it’s the only hardwood species that we sell. And we know that you love it, too. White oak is the species that everyone is asking about. So what is it that makes this hardwood species so universally appealing?

What is White Oak?

White oak refers to wood from the white oak tree species, Quercus alba in America, or Quercus robur/petraea in Europe, among others. This tree is known as the “king of oaks” for its sturdy wood and magnificent beauty in the landscape. White oak lumber is prized for its hardness and resistance to rot, making it an easy choice for flooring.

Reasons We Love It

  1. Beauty

Simply put, white oak is a stunner. Its grain patterns are soft and subtle, creating beautiful movement. It’s a perfect choice for interiors for exactly this reason.

There's also some nostalgia to the beauty of oak. It's the wood that many of us grew up learning to admire. We were around it in our childhood homes. Oak is steadfast in more than one sense - it endures both the physical test of time and the ever-changing trend cycle.

  1. Versatility

Naturally neutral, white oak does have undertones of grays, pinks, and browns, but does not lean heavily red or yellow like some hardwood species. It takes stain beautifully thanks to its neutral tone, which allows us to offer it in a range of design-friendly colors. Plus, it develops a patina with time that deepens its natural color. A white oak floor often looks more beautiful after aging for a decade than it did when freshly installed.

  1. Personality

It’s hard to describe the character of white oak, but once you recognize it, you’ll never want another species. Some boards feature gorgeous characteristics from the tree, like medullary rays and cathedral graining. In some floors, knots and cracks bring the individual tree’s story to life.

We believe in embracing the irregularity of nature - every knot, freckle, and burl of it. All this character creates an instant connection to nature every time you see your floor. And in our opinions? That's something worth celebrating.


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