Against the Grain: Why Flooring Should Transcend Trends

Against the Grain: Why Flooring Should Transcend Trends

Design & Photo: Emily Cosnotti | The Sweet Beast

If you’re paying attention to the interior design world, you’re seeing a major swing toward timeless design that has been applauded all over the design world. At Stuga, we have been on the anti-trend bandwagon since the beginning. Not only is it better for your wallet to not be undoing the old trends to update to the new every decade, but it is better for the environment, which means a lot to us as forest lovers.

What does “anti-trend” mean?

When we talk about being anti-trend, we absolutely do not mean we stand against everything and anything that is trendy. Not at all. Often there are very trendy aspects of interior design that absolutely will stand the test of time, as we are seeing right now with top designers like Emily Henderson and Sarah Sherman Samuel. What we mean when we say anti-trend is a little more nuanced.

In a world full of inspiration photos on your screen on the reg, it’s not surprising that many of us forget to look for elements of design that we truly love, that move us in our soul, and instead see all the most beautiful designs of today. We challenge our Stuga customers to dig deep and find what truly speaks to them. That is the key to timeless design that has longevity. That is anti-trend.

Buy for your personal taste and for the environment.

Once you have done the work to separate the trends you like in the now and the design moments that speak to you deeply, you can minimize waste and invest in quality items. In short, buy less, but better. You will find yourself swiping up less and less for the cool new product your favorite designer is linking to, and perusing the antique mall or 1st Dibs to find that classic Herman Miller chair you cannot live without. And when you shop for your specific taste those items become special. You’ll love them and repair them and they will become a part of your home and story because they spoke to you from the beginning.

Aside from the obvious – a home that feeds your soul and feels like you – you’re doing your bank account a favor by only buying the pieces you will love for a long time. You won’t be replacing the lamp that was trendy and cool on Insta last year with the new “it” lamp. And an even bigger bonus is that shopping in this way, investing in pieces that will last and live in your home for a long while, is better for the environment. Less production of new items gives us all a smaller carbon footprint. Trends are not sustainable. Fewer, better quality things, investing in the pieces you love and keeping them, is. 

Trends in flooring can be avoided.

As a wood flooring company, of course we’ve paid attention to the trends under our feet over the decades. High quality hardwood floors were “in” for hundreds of years. But when the production of wall to wall carpet was introduced and was cheap, those beautiful floors were covered up. When the 1970s brought the popularity of linoleum and vinyl, we recovered again, burying the wood floors again. Anyone who has renovated their own mid-century gem has absolutely felt the pain of peeling back layer after layer of linoleum, and has felt the excitement when they have spotted the wood underneath.

When choosing a timeless floor for your home it’s important to consider the architectural style and period of your home. Wider planks are great in every home but we especially love them in a more modern or farmhouse home. Narrower planks look phenomenal in a more traditional home, but also in a cozy cabin. Don't discount the timeless feel the right floor can give to your home!

Stuga’s floors will last a lifetime and stand the test of time. We have a curated product line of floors we have specifically chosen for not just their beauty, but also their longevity. Trends may come and go, but a Stuga floor is here for the long haul.