Why Scandinavian Floors?

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Design: Kelle Contine | Photo: Casey Woods | Floor: Fika

Today in the design industry we are seeing a trend that we are wholeheartedly in support of: curiosity. We are all wondering more about where our furniture, floors, linens are coming from and why. Stuga has a long relationship with this curiosity which is why we believe Scandinavian sourced floors to be the best and healthiest (not to mention most beautiful) hardwood floors in the world. 

Respect for the forest.

Something that is very important to us and that we hold near to our hearts are the forests our floors come from. Scandinavian forests are highly protected and if you’ve ever visited you’ll know just how special they are. Because of this, there are stringent laws and restrictions surrounding farming the trees to help the forests remain the national treasure they are. In short, our floors are sustainable out of necessity and respect for the planet, and have been since well before green design started trending.

We take inspiration from the sustainable production of our floors by encouraging the idea of “fewer and better things.” Almost all Stuga floors can be sanded twice over their lifetime, providing a way to change the color if your preferences change a few decades down the road. You can rest assured that the floors will last a lifetime, meaning the environmental footprint of your home will be that much lower.

A Scandinavian forest in the southern Sweden town of Hästhult

The most certified floors in the world.

Our floors are the most certified floors in the world. These certifications range from those which uphold the aforementioned environmental standards that ensure the Scandi forests continue to thrive, to those which ensure the floors you are putting into your home are safe and toxin-free.

In 1984, our main supplier was the first to go completely solvent-free in the entire production process. There are no harsh chemicals, no smelly glues, and our floors will be one of the healthiest materials in your home. The Scandinavian designers who created our floors ensured that you will feel connected to those special forests (by scent, texture, and freshness) instead of worrying about what you are breathing inside your home.

Woodworking experience passed down for generations.

Stuga floors can trace their history back over 160 years of not just floor production, but doors, toys, furniture and more. Our main, Swedish manufacturer originated in Nybro, Sweden in a shop using Sweden’s most treasured resource to craft wooden goods. Through the decades, toys and furniture were surpassed by doors and then engineered hardwood floors. 

After World War II, there was a housing boom in Europe which drove the need for hardwood floors higher than forests could safely allow. The grandfather of our floors today was born out of a necessity to provide quality parquet floors to the masses while not decimating the forests. In the decades that have followed, the techniques for producing the floors has been passed from one generation to the next, making adjustments for the better along the way.

Scandinavian design tulip table and Thonet chairs with white oak flooring in a basement
Design & photo: The Sweet Beast | Floor: Shell

Embracing character. 

Because Stuga’s floors are made from true European white oak, you will see beautiful, natural elements like knots and medullary rays in our boards. Modern design has a tendency to perfect, erase, and polish away the unique and irregular character in wood, but we believe it is something to be embraced.

Our floors have a strong history. They come from oak trees in Scandinavia, which each had personality and individual complexions of their own, influenced by their lives in the forests. When we embrace knots and “imperfections” as part of the tree, we see the true beauty of the wood floor. We are inspired by the Scandinavian essential relationship with the outdoors, experiencing that in our own house underfoot every day.

We hope a little insight into why we love each and every floor in our inventory will inspire you to fall in love with Scandinavian floors too. The character and beauty of the floors speak for themselves, and the rich history behind them makes them the best in the world.

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