Flooring made for a lifetime

We’re rooted in Scandinavian sustainability practices. That means curating floors that last 100 years, certified against the toughest environmental and indoor air quality restrictions in the world.

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Why our flooring?

Unmatched construction

Our engineered wood floors have been performing for over 80 years. Our European suppliers source only the best materials that will last a lifetime.


Wonderfully clear acrylic finish that has been toxin-free since 1984. This finish will not yellow over time.


Beautiful and slower-growing, made thick enough for 2 sandings.


Layers of fast-growing and porous pine that expand and contract individually, protecting the top layer of wood.


Laid opposite the middle layer of pine, it counteracts any movement while also absorbing moisture from below, the most common cause of damages to wood floors.

Install method: Your choice.

We like to give you options. Our floors are versatile and wonderfully easy to work with no matter the application.


Preferred by most contractors, stapling or nailing is ideal for creating seamless transitions throughout your home.


Bring your artistic vision to life by gluing down your floors. We recommend low or no-VOC glues with a built-in vapor barrier like Bona R851 and Bostik Greenforce.


Often used in simpler installations that require few transitions to other flooring materials, this is the ultimate Scandi way to install our innovative locking floors. You can float on any level of your home, including basements.

Installation & Installers
How to Video
Watch Chris Loves Julia staple install our locking flooring
Against the grain

Each layer of our flooring is positioned opposite to one another to maximize dimensional stability. That paired with premium materials ensures your floor will look great for years to come.

Family proof & pet friendly

In normal family conditions our floors will perform wonderfully, but all floors will scratch and dent. If you have a heavy wear and tear household choose a neutral, rustic floor like Shell—it hides scratches better.