About Us

We get it, shopping for hardwood floors isn't much fun. You're often overwhelmed with choices, technical details, and retail markups while driving around town trying to find the right floor for you. What is the difference between all of these floors? Why is the floor made that way? Furthermore, using retail installers still doesn't guarantee you'll get a flawless installation. 

Our mission here at Stuga (pronounced “Stooga”), which means “cottage” in Swedish, is to allow anyone, anywhere in the US to access incredible high-quality Scandinavian hardwood floors and stair solutions. We've done the heavy lifting for you, curating a wonderful range of floors in collaboration with our exclusive network of interior designers and influencers. Nearly all of our floors have lifetime warranties. All of them are healthy and safe. None of them have middle-man markups. With our local Preferred Installers, you'll get experts who know our products better than anyone else, with proven tips and tricks honed in the custom home building community. 

I know all of the products we sell extremely well after my years living in Sweden, designing and developing hardwood floors sold throughout the world today. This knowledge spawned Scandinavian Hardwoods, a business servicing some of the most exclusive custom home builders and interior designers throughout the western United States. 

Stuga is the next step. Everyone deserves to feel the beauty of nature beneath their feet.

Welcome to the world of Scandinavian luxury.

Marc Bacher, Founder