Meet Our 6 Hardwood Flooring Families: Choosing the Best Tone For Your Home

Meet Our 6 Hardwood Flooring Families: Choosing the Best Tone For Your Home

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Finding the perfect Stuga floor starts with a range of considerations. Aesthetic, finish, price range, width, and finally, the floor’s overall tone, are all factors our customers look at. But if you are deciding between a few floors with a similar tone, that’s when it may get tricky.

With many of our engineered hardwood floors falling on the lighter side, we know it can be hard to understand how they differ. To simplify the experience, we broke our range into six color families.

Through shopping by family, you can dive deeper into the tones that best fit your home. An even easier way to decide on the floor of your dreams? Yes, please! Here's what to know about our hardwood flooring families. 


Archipelago, Greta, Astrid, Fika, Little Square, Giddy Up, Sisu

Our best-sellers, these floors feature boards with a range of hues from creamy off-white to light gold. Like natural blonde hair, each has dimension and movement. Any floor in this homeowner- and designer-favorite collection would help achieve a light and airy feel in your home and easily complement an array of design styles, from minimalist Scandinavian to coastal and traditional. 

Blonde Hardwood Floors by Stuga


Shell, Drift

Like the Blondes, the Tans, which include Shell and Drift, are for those that wish to add a natural, grounding element to their home. The rustic, textured charm of Shell and Drift is accompanied by both warm and neutral tones. Darker in color than our blonde floors due to their abundance of knots and brown graining, they are equally inviting and versatile. 

Tan hardwood floors by Stuga


Happy Hour, Faye

Love a white oak, but looking for something with a richer tone? An amber floor may be right for you. Like our other European white oak floors, both Happy Hour and Faye capture the beauty and depth of natural oak with sandy, caramel, and hazel variations throughout each board, swirling grain patterns, and subtle knots, walking the line between rustic and modern.

amber colored hardwood floors by Stuga

Natural Oaks

Frida, Tivoli, Forest, High Five, Old Town

The true color and organic nature of  European white oak comes to the forefront in our collection of natural, unstained oaks. Old World in tone, modern in look, a natural oak floor will never go out of style. Just think of it as the Goldilocks of floors as it will complement your home’s design for years to comeno matter how often you change or rearrange your furniture. Each is universally appealing thanks to its warm undertones, which range from tan to light brown. 

natural white oak hardwood floors by Stuga

Muted Grays

Ingrid, Cartwheel

Convey a sense of European elegance with a taupe, cool-toned stained floor. Softer in hue than our blonde or natural oak floors, the muted grays, which include customer-favorite, Ingrid, and one of our newest waterproof hardwood floors, Cartwheel, will add a touch of modernity to your home. 

muted gray hardwood floors by Stuga


Terrace, Harbor, Zig Zag

Darkest and richest in hue, the browns provide a year-round connection to nature with the embracing warmth of smoky chestnut graining. While Terrace and Harbor have natural color variation that ranges from sandy brown to mid-tone to umber, Zig Zag, a walnut veneer, is a timeless choice with a strong brown hue, undulating graining, and bold patina. 

Brown hardwood flooring by Stuga
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