Installation guides & tips

Float. Staple. Glue. DIY. No acclimation. Our versatile floors are wonderfully easy to work with no matter the application.

One-of-a-kind locking system

Our product's locking system guarantees that your flooring will stay in place for years to come. Each board is placed into the previous at a 20-30° angle, then pushed down into its final position.

5S sliding locking pin

Our prodcuts include board-end locking pins to ensure they never move up and down or side to side. Once your board has been installed, you can use a locking tool or tapping block to slide the pin into place.

Compression locking pin

Some of our products come with a compression locking pin system. Once your board is lined up, simply push down on the board to lock into place. You will hear a "click" sound as the pin compresses into the board and snaps back out, locking them together.

Installation methods


Often used in simpler installations that require few transitions, this is the ultimate Scandi way to install our innovative locking floors. You can float on any level of your home.

You will need:
  • Tapping Block
  • 5S Locking Pin Tool (depending on the floor)
  • Nature All-in-One Underlayment
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Preferred by most builders, stapling is ideal for creating seamless transitions throughout your home. Our floors can be stapled using an 18-guage gun with 1/4" crown staples. Easy peasy.

You will need:
  • 18 gauge staple gun
  • 1/4" Crown staples (1.25 - 1.5" long)
  • Tapping block
  • 5S Locking Pin Tool (depending on the floor)
  • Nature All-in-One Underlayment is recommended
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Bring your artistic vision to life by gluing down your floors. We recommend low or no-VOC glues like Bona R851 and Bostik Greenforce.

You will need:
  • Tapping block
  • 5S Locking Pin Tool (depending on the floor)
  • Bona R851 or Bostik Greenforce recommended
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Quick Tips

First, calculate how many boards you need for the room’s width. If the width of the last row measures less than 3", rip the boards to be used in the first row in half.

Open a few packs and mix up the boards to get a good color distribution. Check the boards for any defects.

When installing, tap boards on the middle core, never the wear layer.

Make sure there are end joints in each row. Ensure that there is a 20" (5/8" & 1/2" products) or 12" (1/4" products) stagger of the end joints in adjacent rows.

Trim the final board to the right length and start the next row with cut-off piece.

Installing in bathrooms - Stuga floors are great for half baths, but beware of voiding your warranty when installing in full-baths.

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