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Throughout the northern cities of Scandinavia, nestled blocks away from well-known, bustling main squares, lie quiet, cozy havens for locals and artists alike. These quaint little squares, often lined with cafes and charming shops, are wonderfully grounding and relaxing, just like this oak floor. A narrower, more accessible imitation of our best-selling floor, Fika, this floor delights with its timeless tone, mid-size planks, and slight eased edge. A designer's dream, Little Square has very few knots and possesses subtle variances in tone from plank to plank.

It’s one of our install and enjoy floors, meaning it doesn't require additional maintenance or care other than vacuuming and periodic cleaning with our floor care kit. 

No random lengths. Each plank is 5” wide and 73 ¼" long. Enjoy the look of long, full length boards throughout your floor.

The featured home is located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in Saugerties, NY. Renovation design and styling by Madelynn Furlong, @madelynnfurlong. Photos by Nick Hudson Photography, @hudsonphoto.

Sun Exposure
Builds Character
Forever Young
Extra Love
Install & Enjoy
  • Solvent-free Acrylic Urethane finish
  • 1/8" wear layer (sandable 2x)
  • L 73 1/4” x W 5” x H 1/2"
  • 17.782sf/carton (7 boards)
  • Made in Poland

This is an incredibly easy floor to care for. Vacuum and clean with a broom regularly and occasionally use a damp, well-wrung-out cloth/mop. Only dampen the floor slightly. The film of water left by the floor cloth should dry within a minute. For best results, use the free Floor Care Kit that we provide.

Stuga warranty

This floor has a lifetime structural warranty and 25 year wear through warranty on the finish.

Installation guides

Our floors can be floated, glued or stapled. View our install guides to find the best option for you.

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Why our flooring?

Unmatched construction

Our engineered wood floors have been performing for over 80 years. We source only the best and most sustainable materials that will last a lifetime.


Wonderfully clear UV Acrylic that has been solvent-free since 1984. This finish will not yellow over time.

White Oak
From Northern Europe

Beautiful and slower-growing, made thick enough for two sandings.

From Northern Europe

Fast-growing, sustainable, and porous pine strips that expand and contract individually, protecting the top layer of wood.

From Northern Europe

Fast-growing and sustainable, as well as porous and moisture absorbent.

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