Stuga Residential Guarantee

When a residential floor has the highest quality in the industry, it should come with the strongest guarantee. Our floors that have been lived on for a lifetime, thus they can stand behind their lifetime guarantee.  Stuga provides a comprehensive lifetime guarantee covering its flooring. 

Installation Guarantee

We guarantee our floor installations for long-lasting performance. This full lifetime warranty applies to all of our residential flooring, provided the floors are installed according to guidelines.

Visual Appearance Guarantee

Each plank of residential flooring is carefully inspected by our quality control personnel prior to leaving the factory. We urge you and your installer to inspect each plank prior to installation. In the unlikely event that you encounter a visually-defective plank prior to its installation, we will refund you for that plank. Simply email us at hej@stugastudio.com to process your refund. This warranty does not cover flooring after installation. See Exclusions and Liability Limitations below. 

Structural Guarantee

Our quality is more than skin deep and we extend our residential warranty to cover the structural integrity of every board. All of our hardwood flooring is processed using a sophisticated bonding system with each plank constructed under intense heat and pressure to ensure quality. In the unlikely event that the bonding or other structural aspects of a plank fails within the first year following installation, we will, at our option, either repair or replace the defective plank free of charge. If a failure occurs more than one year after installation, we will replace the defective plank, exclusive of the costs of removal, reinstallation or refinishing. See Exclusions and Liability Limitations below. 

Moisture Protection Guarantee

Our floors are specifically designed to withstand the effects of normal moisture or dryness. They are built with a cross-layered base, making them extremely stable. If installed and maintained in strict accordance with our instructions. We guarantee our floors against damage caused by normal moisture and arid conditions. Should our flooring fail under normal moisture conditions, we will, at our option, repair or replace the damaged flooring one time, exclusive of the costs of refinishing. See Exclusions and Liability Limitations below for normal conditions and other exclusions and limitations.

Wear Through Guarantee

Developed with the latest industrial technologies in unison with more than 150 years of experience in manufacturing wood products, our ACRYLIC URETHANE FINISH is guaranteed not to wear through for 25 years, from the date of original purchase. This warranty extends only for wear areas which cover at least ten percent (10%) of the surface area of the installed floor. See Exclusions and Liability Limitations. Natural oiled floors are excluded from the wear through guarantee.

Radiant Heat Performance Guarantee

Our supplier is the industry leader in radiant-heated hardwood flooring application and performance - ideal for cold climate areas. If installed and maintained in strict accordance with our instructions. Stuga will extend its normal Structural Guarantee and Moisture Guarantee to its residential flooring products in radiant heat applications. Warranty extends only to float-in applications; unless prior registration of project and approval has been given for glue down installation. See Exclusions and Liability Limitations below. 

Resurfacing Guarantee

A wood floor’s greatest asset is its ability to be refinished to look like new - an impossibility with carpet, vinyl, plastic laminates, or ceramic tile. We, at Stuga, believe so strongly in our products that we guarantee that, when used under normal residential conditions residential flooring may be resurfaced up to two (2) times by removing the existing finish and replacing it with a new compatible coating. In order to qualify, each resurfacing must be performed by qualified persons knowledgeable in refinishing techniques and no one resurfacing may result in the removal of more than 1/32” of the existing surface. Stuga in no event warrants your ability to remove or alter coloration or remove dents, scars or scratches and, of course, since we have no control over the actual resurfacing process, once the factory surface is altered or removed, neither the Surface Guarantee nor the Moisture Guarantee applies. Other exclusions apply. See Exclusions and Liability Limitations below. 


Stuga warranties described above will not apply and Stuga will not in any way be liable in the event of: A. Improper Installation. Performance of the flooring is highly dependent upon proper installation. Accordingly, the installation must be in strict accordance with the instructions and recommendations found in the Installation Guide. Failure to install the flooring in strict accordance with Installation Guide shall void all Guarantees and warranties, express and implied. B. Improper Maintenance. Maintenance must be in strict accordance with the instructions and recommendations found in the Stuga Floor Care Guide. Failure to maintain the floor in strict accordance with the Stuga Floor Care Guide shall void all Guarantees and warranties, express and implied. C. Normal Environmental Conditions. Our products are warranted to perform in what we consider to be normal residential applications. Any exposure to excessive heat or moisture may cause damage to the flooring and is not covered by warranty regardless of cause or source. Damage caused by environmental conditions outside of tolerance specified in the Installation Guide and Stuga Floor Care Guide are excluded from any and all warranty coverage. (20mm - Face cracks and gapping are an inherent characteristic of this product and excluded from any or all guarantees.) D. Misuse. As well as we make our flooring, we cannot be expected to, and will not, assume responsibility for damage caused directly or indirectly by misuse, abuse, accident or use that is not consistent with our Installation Guide or our Stuga Floor Care Guide. Accordingly, no warranty, expressed or implied, is provided for any damage due to inadequate care or other causes noted in our Installation Guide or our Stuga Floor Care Guide including, without limitation, stains, damage caused by heavy items, by impact, scratches, scarring, denting, extreme heat, damage from moisture caused by wet mopping, spills or standing water, etc. E. Alterations/Repairs. Alterations to any Stuga product will void any and all expressed or implied warranties, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No warranty is provided to cover repairs or resurfacing and repairs or replacements shall not extend the warranty period. Wood is a natural product, therefore, we can not guarantee a match to existing stained or natural colored floors. F. Reinstallation. In the event that Stuga is obligated, or elects, to replace or reinstall warranted planks, Stuga shall in no manner be obligated to provide for or incur the costs of removing or reinstalling the defective flooring or resurfacing or refinishing the replaced or surrounding flooring or to provide for the cost thereof unless and to the extent expressly provided in the Warranty Description, above. No obligation to replace or repair shall extend to any subfloor materials, adhesives, supplies or other items consumed in the course of removal, installation, or refinishing. G. Normal Variances. Wood is a natural and living product and variations in color, grain pattern and/or texture normally occur in the original materials and are not defects and no warranty shall apply thereto. Installed flooring will change in coloration over time, and this is also a natural characteristic of wood products for which no warranty is provided. Exposure of all or portions of the installed flooring to direct sunlight may cause variations in color, and such variations in color are not covered by warranty. This warranty applies to underlayments, accessories, and residential flooring products and covers only such products purchased on or after the date set forth above. Any use of non-Stuga products may void the warranty. The warranty is not transferable and is extended only to the original consumer purchaser and for the original installations. All warranties expire upon sale, transfer or relocation of the installed product or installation location.

Liability Limitations

The above statement of warranty is the only warranty, expressed or implied, provided by Stuga for its name brand residential flooring products for residential applications involving light to normal traffic conditions. No warranty is provided for installation of Stuga residential flooring products in industrial or commercial applications. Except as stated herein, no other warranty, express or implied, is provided, including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. No retailer, installer, dealer, distributor, agent or employee has authority to increase the scope or alter the terms or coverage of this warranty. No agreement to repair or replace shall in any event act to extend the period of coverage of any warranty provided. In no event shall Stuga be liable or in any manner responsible for any claim, loss or damage arising from the purchase, use the inability to use its products or from any form of special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including, without limitation, lost profits, emotional, multiple, punitive or exemplary damages (see below) or attorneys fees, even if Stuga or its representatives have been advised of the possibility of such damages before sale. In no event shall Stuga be obligated to cover the costs of old or new materials other than Stuga flooring products (e.g. mastic, etc.) even if recommended by Stuga, and any warranty thereto is limited to the warranty, if any, provided by the original manufacturer. In no event shall Stuga liability exceed the amount Stuga actually received upon distribution for the defective materials at issue. Any claim for warranty coverage must be made within one year of the date upon which the defect first became known or first should have been discovered. Please note, however, that in order to make any claim under this warranty, written evidence of the purchase date and the identity of the original purchaser and installation location must be provided and without such proof, no warranty coverage will apply. We strongly suggest that you keep this information together with the Installation Guide, the Stuga Floor Care Guide and your receipt in a safe and secure location. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which may vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or incidental, consequential, emotional distress or punitive damages, and in such event, the exclusions and limitations set forth above shall be deemed altered to the least extent possible to be enforceable. Accordingly, some of the above limitations may not apply to you.