The Stuga Team’s Favorite Floors and How to Use Them

Stuga employees look at hardwood flooring samples in the Austin, Texas sample shop

Choosing the right hardwood floor for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. While we have a selection of floors, which range in tone, width, and character, there are multiple that will work wonderfully in your space. Whether you have an active household with pets and kids, live in a hot, humid climate or a dry and arid one, or are even looking for a cost-effective alternative to LVP, there is a Stuga floor perfect for you. 

To help you get a better idea of our collection, plus get acquainted with our team, we’ve shared our favorite Stuga floors. 

Marc Bacher

Founder and CEO

Favorite Floor + Why: Shell – It has an incredibly organic feel underfoot.

Stuga Founder Marc loves Shell, one of our Tan floors, for its gorgeous graining and texture, plus the color is a great match to his lab, Lenny. He used Shell in his Austin home and created a custom herringbone pattern with Central Texas Preferred Installer, BJ Brown of Ingrained By Nature. The result? A Scandi-made floor that will gracefully patina over time. Check out his installation below.

Molly McDermott Walsh


Favorite Floor + Why: Pepper – It's a misfit that adds rhythm and personality.

Pepper is a floor for the bold, those excited about wide-plank boards with plenty of cracks, knots, and rustic flare. It can be the ideal complement for a cabin or add a balancing, grounding effect to a modern home. 

Stuga misfits flooring family features Pepper and other flooring samples against a prickly pear cactus

It’s part of our Misfits family, which includes other outside-the-box picks like Harbor, Moonlight, and Zig Zag. 

Jessica De Souza

Director of Customer Experience

Favorite Floor + Why: Fika – It's perfect for our home with an adventurous toddler!

Fika is one of our bestselling floors, offering the quintessential European aesthetic. Part of our Blondes family, its crisp light tone, 8-inch-wide planks, and evenly dotted boards with the occasional knot make it a customer- and designer-favorite. Like all of our engineered hardwood floors, it works well in lively households.

Jessica is using Fika in her Austin home and loves how it will pair with the architecture, plus how it will hold up with her active 3-year-old.

Fika Scandinavian flooring by Stuga being installed in employee Jessica's home

Haley Holm-Pedersen

Director of Growth Marketing

Favorite Floor + Why: Zig Zag – It's our only walnut, and has a moody, organic vibe.

Zig Zag is a walnut veneer floor and our only walnut option. It’s timeless and luxe with undulating graining that will gently patina over time, which will enhance the floor’s earthy caramel qualities. For those wanting a more budget-friendly floor, Zig Zag is an excellent choice at $5.50/square foot. 

Haley used it in her Dallas home to add some much-needed drama and style to her primary bathroom, which once had faux shiplap and laminate counters. For an easy upgrade, she chose a low-lift renovation that cost under $10,000 and drew inspiration from nature. The bathroom now has a tucked-away-in-a-forest feel enhanced by Stuga’s walnut floors.

Before and after from tile to walnut flooring in a bathroom

Lauren Jones

Director of Content Marketing

Favorite Floor + Why: Frida – It's a natural oak with a beautiful warm golden tone.

Frida natural white oak flooring sample by Stuga

Frida is one of our newer floors and a wide-plank addition to our Natural Oaks family. If you love floors like Fika, Greta, and Shell (all popular white oak floors), you will adore Frida. It’s warmer in tone yet still modern and is one of our install-and-enjoy floors.

Ivan Walker

Stair Nosing Production

Favorite Floor + Why: ShellThe handscraped finish brings me back to an old world lost with a modern feel. 

Like Marc (and the rest of our team), Ivan is a big fan of Shell. It’s one of our most beautiful floors and has a distinct character and light tone that will go with anything. 

Alexander “Z” Lynch

Sample Shop Production

Favorite Floor + Why: Fika I love the smooth feel and lighter finish.

Stuga employee holds a large hardwood flooring sample

Fika is always at the top of our list when it comes to samples the team is packing up. It’s a wonderful floor for those who like classic Scandinavian design. It has a solvent-free finish and is made in Sweden.

Falcon Valdez 

Sample Shop Production

Favorite Floor + Why: Giddy Up I dig the color and graining and also love that it's waterproof.

Waterproof wood flooring samples in a natural stream

Our newest collection of waterproof floors are ones that our whole team is excited about. They are the most durable hardwood floors in the world, have watertight joints, and are our lowest price point floors at $5.25/sqft. 

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