5 Ways to Save on Your Wood Flooring Order

5 Ways to Save on Your Wood Flooring Order

Design: Rose Smith | Photo: Nick Hudson

Investing in high quality wood flooring pays off in many ways over the long term. But as one of the biggest expenses in home renovation, it’s nice to shave a bit off that cost up front. Here are five steps you can take to spend less on your dream floors. 

Pay by Wire Transfer for a Discount

If you didn’t know, Stuga offers a 1% discount on all flooring orders paid by wire transfer! This seemingly small discount can add up to serious savings. Bonus: every percentage point taken off your order overall will lower your total sales taxes, too. 

Take that 1% and treat yourself to an upgrade somewhere else in your home, or chalk it up to a smaller renovation cost overall. If you’re interested in paying by bank transfer, contact our team at hej@stugastudio.com for details. 

Order 8% Overage, not 10%

In the flooring industry, recommended overage is typically 10% and above. Many contractors will highly encourage you to order at least 10% more than your actual square footage. This covers waste that occurs during every flooring installation plus additional material to cover defective boards. 

At Stuga, we only recommend 8%. That’s because we know that every board you receive will be in usable condition. In fact, we find that customers who order more than 8% end up with too many boxes left over. While you do want a little extra on hand in case of future repairs, too many boxes often requires a freight return - both a hassle and an expense. Save yourself the 2% and the trouble by sticking with 8% overage. 

Order Everything You Need at Once

Have you considered the accessories you might need for your project? If not, talk with your contractor to make sure every box is checked before placing your order. Forgetting to order underlayment, for example, will likely cause delays in your project, potentially costing you more in installation fees. 

Here are a few things you might need to include in your order beyond flooring:

Take Advantage of a Sale

At Stuga, you won’t find us selling at deep discounts around the big holidays (think Black Friday/Cyber Monday or Labor Day). We intentionally keep our pricing fair for everyone, year-round. However, we do run small promotions on select products from time to time! If you want to stay in-the-know about sales, sign up for our newsletter. Not ready to have your floors delivered at the time that they’re on sale? This next tip is for you.

Lock in Pricing with a Delay Ship

There are a few reasons why you may want to place an order before you are ready to receive the material. This way you can order while a particular floor is on sale, lock in current pricing, and/or make sure that your dream floor is reserved as inventory fluctuates. We are happy to hold your order at no additional cost for as long as you need. Interested in a delay ship? Learn all about it here, or contact us at 1-844-MY-STUGA or hej@stugastudio.com


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