The Natural Alternative to LVP: Hardwood Veneer Flooring

The Natural Alternative to LVP: Hardwood Veneer Flooring

Stuga’s Wood Veneer floors are the real, white oak LVP alternatives that you didn’t know existed. Natural hardwood meets the high durability of vinyl, minus the toxic additives.

If “veneer” makes you think of peeling furniture, we have good news: this is not that. Good design and modern technology make our veneer leagues better than the battered furniture of your college years. Our veneer floors have a tough, commercial-grade finish that makes peeling a non-issue. But what exactly does that mean?

Commercial-Grade Flooring, Explained

Basically, “commercial-grade” means that these floors can be installed in hotel lobbies, offices, and more. Our veneer floors pass tests for Class 33, Heavy Commercial Use. For your home, that translates to these floors taking family life in stride. They’ll stand up to many years of traffic and messes from anyone in the family – two-legged or four-legged.

Water-Resistant Flooring for Every Room

Spills happen, but these floors have another trick up their sleeves: water resistance. Thanks again to their tough finish, they repel water better than most wood floors. Plus, their HDF core is super stable. It withstands changing humidity levels without the expansion and contraction typical of wood floors. 

So, go ahead and give that basement the finish-out it deserves. Laundry rooms, powder baths, and even full baths are perfect for Wood Veneer. 

Durability Shouldn’t Sacrifice Design

Too often in the flooring industry, compromises are the name of the game. If you want floors that are highly durable, you’re likely to find that they feel like plastic, look fake, and worst of all, are loaded with toxic chemicals. We’re not about that. 

We believe that real wood is wonderful for human wellbeing. All of our floors have natural changes in tone and woodgrain that are instantly grounding. LVP may try to mimic the beauty of white oak, but design by Mother Nature beats imitation every time. 

And while the commercial-grade finish on our veneer floors may be durable, it’s anything but “plasticky”. It’s water-based rather than poly-based, which means it won’t yellow over time. It’s also incredibly clear, so it won’t stifle your view of the wood below. And tough as it may be, the feeling underfoot is unmistakably better than the clunky, plastic texture of vinyl. 

Most importantly, our Wood Veneer floors exceed Europe’s strict indoor air quality certifications. Compared to LVP (which is made with vinyl chloride among other nasty things), our veneer floors are far better for human health and the environment in all aspects of manufacturing, livability, and end of use.

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