What are Stair Nosings?

What are Stair Nosings?

At Stuga, we have this thing with stairs. Our saved folders on Instagram are filled with inspiring, sculptural staircases that deliver serious impact to the spaces they inhabit. A well-designed staircase truly has the power to transform your home. So why is good design so hard to come by in the world of staircase renovation? 

If you’ve searched for stair parts, you’ve likely come across bulky, rounded stair nosings that are awkwardly stained to match the adjacent floor. Not exactly “dream staircase” vibes. We believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than beautiful. That’s why we created one-of-a-kind, wood stair nosings that perfectly match your Stuga floor. Inspired by the Swedes, we use our cleverly designed floors to make sleek stair nosings that seamlessly transition between stories. 

So what are stair nosings? And what type of nosings should you look for to bring your dream stairs to life? We could talk about stairs all day, but we’ll sum it up for you in this blog.

Image showing stained-to-match stair nosings vs. Stuga's custom made stair nosings

What are stair nosings? 

Stair nosings are the front edge of every stair step. To explain it more clearly, here’s a quick rundown of staircase anatomy (for a more detailed version, check out this blog post).

A stair tread is the part your feet step on, or tread on, as you walk up or down the staircase. The riser is the part of the step that sits perpendicular to the tread and connects it to the next tread, or rises up. Together, they form a sawtooth appearance up the staircase.

Anatomy of a staircase

A stair nosing is used at the junction where the riser meets the tread. This is the piece we fabricate from our floors to create a showstopper staircase for our customers. The nosing only covers the edge of the step and a portion of the tread and riser. Your Stuga planks will lock into the nosings to form a beautiful step and will be sturdy and sound when installed with glue.

In the photo below, you can see where the tread, riser, and nosing are located. This staircase was made using our Flush Nosings in the color Harbor. We offer two types of nosings at Stuga - Flush and Squared - and we’ll explain each one next.

Photo of a staircase with labels indicating where the treads, risers, and stair nosings are located

Types of Stair Nosings: Flush

The first type of nosing that you can choose at Stuga is our Flush Nosing. These stair nosings do not hang over the riser, creating a clean, waterfall-effect staircase. Our flooring locks into the nosing on each side to create the treads and risers. To prevent wear and tear, the edges of each nosing are lightly sanded - no sharp edges here. Our flush nosings tend to give stairs a modern look, but they look beautiful in any home. 

Quick tip: Open Stringers vs. Closed Stringers

Staircases can have open or closed stringers. What’s the difference? When viewed from the side, the treads and risers of a closed stringer staircase are concealed by a wall or trim. The steps of an open stringer staircase, on the other hand, are exposed on the side. 

Diagram showing examples of open and closed stringer staircases

Flush nosings are easiest to use with a closed stringer staircase. However, we developed a solution for our customers with open stringers who loved the clean look of flush nosings. Our flush nosings can be paired with Flush Nosing Edge Caps to complete the exposed side, creating a beautiful sawtooth pattern up the stairs.

Flush stair nosings by Stuga

Types of Stair Nosings: Squared

The second option for your Stuga staircase is our Squared Nosing. Unlike the flush nosings, our squared nosings hang over the riser by 1”, giving them the appearance of a solid tread. Our squared nosings offer a more classic look, but look incredible in any home. 

With squared nosings, you have the option to change up the risers to achieve different aesthetics. Risers can be made with matching wood or painted to create contrast. You can go tried and true with white risers, or get creative with multicolored, tiled, or patterned risers for something a little different. 

Two images showing squared stair nosings with white risers and wood risers

Ready to create your dream staircase? 

Now that you know the basics of stair nosings, it’s time to get started on your own show stopping staircase. Choosing the perfect Stuga floor is the first step! Browse our engineered hardwood flooring options here and order free samples of your favorites.

At Stuga, we are committed to helping you make your dream staircase a reality. We have simple, beautiful animations explaining the nosing installation process. But remember, a real human is always just a phone call or email away! Get in touch at 1-844-MY-STUGA or drop us a note at hej@stugastudio.com.

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