Measure Up: Fixed-Length Hardwood Flooring is Timeless

Fixed length hardwood floors in Chris Loves Julia's office
Design & Photography: Chris Loves Julia | Floor: Faye

Did you know that many vendors sell hardwood floors with random-length boards? While they do this to get rid of their supply of shorter boards (most orders will be 50 percent your desired length and 50 percent of varying lengths), why would you settle for choppy floors? Purchasing new floors is an investment, no matter which way you slice it, so it’s time to nix inconsistency and embrace fixed-length boards. Not only do they make a space more beautiful, but working with Stuga means that sustainability and customer health are top priorities.

Out With the Old

Just because it’s the industry standard, doesn’t mean you should accept it. When it comes to board length, you are able to get more short, narrow boards out of a tree than you are able to mill wide, long boards. It’s simple logistics. While engineered hardwood floors can run anywhere from $6 to $21 per square foot, you will still pay a premium for a look you may be ultimately disappointed with. When purchasing from other brands online or through a flooring showroom, you aren’t able to get a full view of what the floors will look like until they are installed. 

Fixed Length For the Win

Fixed-length floors are typically preferred by those who want a cohesive, elevated look and feel. Imagine our best-selling Fika, which features nearly 8-inch-wide boards that span just over 89 inches in length. Now, compare that to another wide-plank board that is half the length. It would look ridiculous! With Stuga floors, you are paying for quality and consistency that will add an average 2.5 percent ROI back into your home. Now, that’s a decision you can feel good about. 

Sustainably Sourced

Stuga’s white oak floors are crafted in Europe and held to the highest caliber. Our European manufacturing partners work within the EU Timber Regulation, bylaws first passed in 2013 that hold any European company handling wood products to sustainable forest management practices, emission standards, and more. Plus, our partners work to improve recycling methods, energy conservation, and sustainable reforestation along the way. Swedish forests, for example, have grown 60 percent over the last century thanks to manufacturers that care as much about their floors as they do Mother Nature. 

Hardwood For Well-Being

There are many reasons to purchase Stuga hardwood floors, including aesthetics, pricing, and finishes with no added toxins, but it’s also important to look at what happens behind the scenes. Our European partners provide safe, healthy working environments and workers are paid a real living wage. Plus, when it comes to any “waste” produced like bark, sawdust, and wood shavings, it's given the same level of thought as the rest of the manufacturing process. Our partners transport any excess wood products to a local energy company. In fact, each year 6,150 Swedish homes are powered by our recycled wood. Beautiful wood floors that are produced with sustainability and integrity at the forefront? You can’t go wrong. 

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