Make a Splash With Waterproof Wood Flooring

Waterproof, nontoxic, and 100 percent wood. Take 5% off the most durable hardwood floors in the world with code CANNONBALL at checkout. Sale ends July 31, 2024.

Let swimsuits drip and popsicles melt without fearing for your floors. Our waterproof wood floors make summer a little bit sweeter.

5 Reasons to Love Our Waterproof Floors

〰️ Waterproof & Worry-Free
Its innovative joints are watertight for up to 24 hours.

〰️ Impressive Strength
It’s 3-5x stronger than traditional hardwoods.

〰️ Clean Air
It’s Greenguard Gold certified for safe, clean air quality.

〰️ Versatile Durability
Its durability suits any space, from busy homes to commercial settings.

〰️ Earth Friendly
Its sustainable construction yields 30x more flooring than solid hardwood.

Kick Vinyl to the Curb
It's Time to Breakup With LVP

LVP- Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring - is gaining popularity among homeowners. But, it has a lot of red flags. Just like a toxic relationship, LVP is bad for you, your home, and your health. It’s made with vinyl chloride, a controversial, dangerous substance that harms workers, the environment, and end users. In our opinions? It has to go.

We believe waterproof wood flooring makes the perfect, nontoxic alternative to vinyl. Its durability and practicality make it a win-win material. Not to mention the many benefits of real wood, from natural beauty and superior indoor air quality. There’s only green flags here.

Go Ahead, Get Messy

Cleaning our waterproof wood floors is simple. We tested acrylic paints to show just how easy cleanup can be.

We used a microfiber cloth and Bona cleaning spray (which we include in your shipment when you order a floor). A little wiping it down, and the wood looked good as new!

How Can Wood Be Waterproof?

Watch Stuga founder Marc Bacher walk through the one-of-a-kind construction that makes our Hardened Wood floors able to withstand spills and puddles for 24 hours – an innovation in the wood flooring industry. Plus, learn more about how these floors are making waves in sustainability, durability, indoor air quality, and versatility.