New Darlings' Desert Home Pairs Style and Sustainability

New Darlings' Desert Home Pairs Style and Sustainability

Photo: New Darlings | Products: Fika flooring + Flush Stair Nosings

When it came to designing their dreamy Arizona home, Christina and Robert Martinez of New Darlings, knew they wanted to use finishes that would complement the natural landscape. Warm, inviting interiors with a minimalist edge was the goal, and when they found Stuga’s wide plank white oak flooring, the decision to partner felt right. After two years of planning, they have finally completed their forever home, which is grounded with Fika floors, and have been sharing the process on their Instagram and blog.

Transparency in Quality

Stuga checked all the boxes: a commitment to sustainability, crafted with environmentally friendly materials, and ensured the couple they were making the right steps in reducing their carbon footprint. 

Did you know that our Swedish manufacturer’s factory is carbon-negative and the wood waste is used to heat the surrounding town? 

“Knowing that the floor beneath our feet is made from responsibly sourced, renewable materials gives us peace of mind and a sense of connection with the desert that surrounds us,” Christina Martinez says. 

New Darlings Tucson home featuring Stuga white oak flooring and modern stairs


Christina and Robert have a modern yet slightly rustic aesthetic that perfectly melds with the alluring terracotta hills and cacti-covered plains of their Tucson homestead. “We yearned for a flooring solution that would seamlessly embrace the beauty of our modern Southwest style,” she says. “With choices ranging from rich, earthy tones reminiscent of the iconic sunset hues, to sleek, cool grays that pay tribute to the serenity of the moonlit desert, we found ourselves debating between a few options.”

They loved Greta, Shell, and Little Square, all wide plank white oak floors with a blonde finish, but ultimately chose Fika, “a pretty light wood tone that is exactly what we are going for with our minimal design,” she adds.

With planks spanning nearly eight inches wide, the occasional knot, and a classic light tone, they knew it would complement their lifestyle as well as the rest of their design scheme. 

Everything we put into this home has been carefully selected for our family, considering the environment. Stuga offers so many finishes and tones but we were really attracted to Fika for how well it complemented our home’s overall architectural design and color palette. Fika is warm with a bit of rustic charm that creates a cozy environment amidst the modern touches in our home. I love to mix woods in our home, but overall I tend to lean toward lighter tones. Stuga’s Fika was the perfect foundation for our earthy texture-filled home.”

Family- and Pet-Friendly

Another consideration was how the floor would feel and how well it would stand up to both little feet and paws. 

“As a shoes-off household, walking on Fika feels like a dance between luxury and nature, a reminder of the simple joys found in the present moment,” she says. “I love that there are slight grooves to it too, giving it dimension without a heavy finish. I can actually feel the wood underfoot and it’s not hard on my body walking around barefoot.”

Not only does Fika feel amazing underfoot, but it’s an install-and-enjoy floor and works well in households with kids and pets. “Fear not, they are so easy to maintain with vacuuming and the occasional dry mop,” she adds.  

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