Astrid Pairs With Douglas Fir and Pine in This Oregon A-Frame Cabin

Astrid Pairs With Douglas Fir and Pine in This Oregon A-Frame Cabin
Design & Photos: Bivvi Camp | Floor: Astrid

For architect Dylan Woock, designing an A-frame melding high design and Scandinavian influences meant choosing top-notch finishes and a thoughtful floor plan. Woock, who launched Bivvi Camp in 2019, aimed to fill a place in the market for a cabin that allows owners to experience the outdoors with interiors that go above and beyond. Learn why Astrid flooring was the perfect fit for the Bivvi show cabin below.

Astrid white oak flooring in a modern cabin

How did Bivvi Camp start?

We did a lot of market research and looked at different offerings. There were RVs, cabins, canvas tents, and tiny homes here in the Northwest, but the aesthetic was pretty basic, and no one was doing a really high-design tiny home. My co-founder (who has since left the business) and I built the very first Bivvi in our driveway in Portland in 2020.

Where does the name Bivvi come from?

The name comes from the word “bivouac,” a temporary shelter that can be easily deployed and is often used by mountaineers and backpackers. The Bivvi Camp cabins are built on the same principles, prioritizing function and compact amenities.

White oak flooring in a modern cabin kitchen

Tell us more about your cabin design. How has it changed since that first build?

The current iteration here in Sisters, Oregon, is probably the fifth version we built since our very first. We went through a lot of rigorous user feedback and design changes. Early field testers really honed what the product currently is.

The original Bivvi was conceived as solely a sleeping cabin, but as more people found out about us, we started getting requests for more amenities, from bathrooms to a kitchenette to showers. We’ve also elevated the materials while keeping with the simple “less is more” principle.

How did you hear about Stuga?

I heard about Stuga through some architect friends in Portland. They really liked the product, and as far as we’ve seen, there really isn’t anything that compares in terms of quality, aesthetic, and finish. That Scandinavian stripped-back aesthetic was really appealing to us.

Douglas Fir paneling and white oak flooring in a modern cabin

What was the process of ordering floors online like?

With flooring, it is tough to tell how they will look in the space ultimately. The fact that you sent out free samples and large samples was all I needed as a designer. It was a no-brainer. While the price point was a little high for our customer base, the floors are priced very competitively. Considering the wear layer, the fact they come prefinished, and the locking system, there were so many positives. Plus, the way the floors are packaged is very consumer-friendly, and I had full confidence ordering.

Why was Astrid the right fit for the cabin?

Astrid perfectly mirrors the Scandinavian influences present in the design of our cabins. The beautiful coloring and finish are a perfect, subtle yet strong presence in our flagship cabin. It was a delicate balance finding a floor that fit with the pine and Douglas fir that still had character. We sampled many and found the perfect fit in Astrid.

What was the install like?

We have used many different floor brands and types, and Astrid was by far the easiest and most reassuring flooring we have ever worked with. Our team was able to quickly and efficiently install the floor with little to no waste.

How does it feel when walking on it?

Walking on the floor in the cabin feels dreamy. The underlayment provides a firm yet planted feeling, and the subtle textural face of the oak is smooth and silky, whether you are barefoot or wearing your favorite hiking boots.

Blundstone boots and axe on white oak flooring in a modern cabin

How does it complement the rest of the wood in the cabin?

Astrid perfectly complements the pine cladding we used throughout the cabin with its subtle grain pattern, light coloring, and ultra-matte finish.

How has it held up?

There is no question that this floor is going to stand up to the rigors of cabin life. We’ve had the cabin out in winter, coming in with snow, cinder, gravel, and shoes on, and the floors look just as good as when we first put them in.

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