How to Choose the Perfect Stuga Finish

A herringbone white oak wood floor

At Stuga, our floors are offered in three different finishes: Oiled, Matte Acrylic, & Ultra-Matte Acrylic. Not sure which one applies to your favorite floor? You can find out on the product page under “Specs”.

We recommend looking beyond color when ordering your Stuga samples. Trying out multiple finishes lets you see and feel the differences in person. You might be surprised to find how much the finish can influence your decision!


Beautifully natural, our oiled floors have a subtle radiance in natural light. They require a light coating of Satin Oil or Freshen Up (depending on the product) right after installation, and re-oiling every 6 months to a year in high-traffic areas. 

Floors with our oiled finish age beautifully, like vintage furniture. The oil hardens to a barely-there hard wax surface that can be touched up with a little more oil if scratched by an energetic pup or a couch-moving accident. The texture of these floors feels like raw wood, creating a very grounding sensation as you walk. 

Matte Acrylic

Many of our floors are finished with a simple, matte acrylic. This finish has the most sheen of the three, though it is not glossy by any means. It has a traditional, smooth feeling underfoot.

Our acrylic finishes are wonderfully strong and clear. Because they are so strong, only very thin layers are necessary to protect the floor. This means that you won’t feel the “plasticky” texture underfoot that often accompanies overly lacquered floors. Plus, their clarity lets you see the beautiful richness of the wood below without any dullness or yellowing.

Ultra-Matte Acrylic

Several of our bestsellers – like Greta, Faye, and Ingrid – have our innovative, ultra-matte acrylic finish. This is the least reflective of the three. We consider it the best of both worlds; combining the natural feeling of an oiled floor but with the low maintenance levels of acrylic. 

Both our ultra-matte and matte acrylic finishes are low maintenance - regular vacuuming and the occasional light cleaning with our supplied Spray Cleaner will keep them looking their best.

Still not sure which finish is right for you? Check out the chart below, or get in touch.

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