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Satin Oil

Used on all natural oil floors to keep the oiled surface intact. Should be applied with a Kährs Dry Mop immediately after installation and once per year in high traffic areas. 

Recommended Dosage After Installation: 1 liter per 1,500–2,000 ft² 



1. Vacuum clean the floor carefully.

2. Clean the floor using Kährs Cleaner and Micro Mop. Follow the Kährs Cleaner instructions. Only damp cleaning, the surface should be dry again within a minute. For very dirty floors replace the micro mop using a rough brush.

3. Remove cleaner and dirt using a wrung out cloth.

4. Dry the surface using a dry cloth and leave the floor to dry for 30 minutes. For very dirty floors or on floors with heavy textures, it might be necessary to repeat step 2–4.

5. Apply a thin layer of Kährs Satin Oil on the surface and spread it evenly with a Kährs Micro Mop or a dry cloth by scrubbing along the texture. Polish again with a new Micro Mop after 10-15 minutes so that no sticky parts are left. Please observe that two layers of thin oil gives a better result than one thick layer. Applying a too high amount of oil will result in a sticky surface. After a drying time of 5 hours the floor can be used with care, but needs 12 hours before lighter furniture can be moved back. Wait 24 hours to move back carpets and heavier furniture.

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