Held Order Policy

We know that you have a lot to manage when renovating or building a home. To make things a little easier, and allow you to lock in inventory and pricing, we offer free held orders. If you request a hold, we’ll keep your order in our warehouse until you are ready to receive it.

Requesting a Hold

To request a hold on your order, please reply to your order confirmation email within 24 hours. Include your ideal ship date in this email, and our team will respond to confirm that the hold has been placed.

Setting a Shipping Date 

Our system requires a specific ship date to be entered for all held orders. If you are unsure about your date, please send us an estimate at the time that you request the hold. If you have any questions about lead times, contact our team at hej@stugastudio.com or 1-844-MY-STUGA for help. It is important to note that WE WILL NOT contact you prior to releasing your order to ship on the designated ship date. 

Changing a Shipping Date

Contact us via email at least seven business days prior to your original ship date to make any changes. If we are not notified prior to the designated ship date, your order will be released for shipment. Stuga is not responsible for any fees associated with changes made after your order has shipped.