Little Square Saved the Day in This 1920s Renovation

White oak engineered flooring in a modern kitchen

Design: Dacotah Studio | Photos: Marcus Meisler | Floor: Little Square

Renovating an old home is a labor of love, a process that can be filled with many difficulties and surprises. For Dacotah Studio, a recently updated 1924 northeast Los Angeles home brought just that. 

The homeowners, who moved from San Francisco and purchased it site unseen, aimed to have a home that felt current and was consciously designed with eco-friendly updates. In lieu of a gas stove, the home is fully electric, plus longevity and durability were considerations in every decision made. They also wanted an open, flowing floor plan that capitalized on backyard views and would be ideal for their family to enjoy outdoor entertaining. 

Installation in progress with Little Square engineered wood flooring by Stuga

During construction, Dacotah Studio Founder Shawn Taylor dealt with inconsistencies from past remodels, plus the custom floor they had ordered got tied up in a sea container. Without a floor, they turned to Stuga to bring warmth and modernity to the 100-year-old property. 

How did you find Stuga?

My wife and I did a social media deep dive. While this was our first time using Stuga, we reached out to some friends who had used your floors before and they had great things to say on everything from the construction quality to customer service experience to the ease of getting samples. 

Little Square was the closest floor to the custom one we had ordered. The custom floor got stuck on a sea container. It was a real mess. We used a sample from the custom floor, reached out to Stuga, and matched it up. It was nearly an exact match and just as beautiful. 

Engineered white oak flooring in a dining room

How did you install Little Square in this home?

The subfloor was uneven and we had a lot to do to get it leveled. We ended up floating the floor and worked with a local installer, Homero Hardwoods. He’s our go-to installer for flooring and was curious about the product. 

Besides the aesthetic, what made Little Square the right choice for the homeowners?

Durability. The homeowners have dogs and a 5-year-old son. So far, there have been no complaints on how it’s held up. 

Little Square by Stuga in a bedroom and living area

What other elements do you enjoy about the floor?

Some of the rooms are south-facing and the floors get plenty of sun. We personally like the acrylic urethane finish, which leaves a matte protective coat. The feel has stayed consistent as well. It hasn’t gotten worn down or shown any wear in the high-traffic areas of their home. 

Do you typically spec blonde floors?

We like the midtone blonde floors, as well as muted browns. We also sometimes use walnut. We have Harbor and Greta already specced for upcoming projects. 

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