How Much Do Hardwood Floors Cost and Why?

How Much Do Hardwood Floors Cost and Why?
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Hardwood floors are an investment, and we understand that. Whether you are still in the research phase or have already decided on the Stuga white oak floors of your dreams, there are some basics to know when it comes to cost. It’s important to understand your budget, any other additions needed like underlayment, stair nosings, and installation estimates, and why hardwood floors cost what they do. That’s a lot of information, but we’re here to break it down. 

What’s the Average Cost Per Square Foot for Hardwood Flooring?

According to Forbes, the average national cost for installing hardwood flooring is $4,200 with the average cost per square foot for engineered hardwood materials ranging from $6 to $21. Engineered hardwood is durable, constructed to last and holds up to kids, families, and pets for years, composed of layers of wood that resists differing weather conditions, wear, and lifestyle factors. 

  • Engineered hardwood floors are typically more expensive than vinyl flooring or carpet
  • Hardwood floors raise your home’s value, regardless of solid or engineered construction (*Stuga floors add an average 2.5% ROI)
  • When comparing floor costs, know that the raw materials are fixed costs. The only way to get cheaper floors is to cut corners with bad working conditions, random-length boards, unsustainable forestry practices, and the use of toxic adhesives. You won’t find any cut corners with Stuga. 

What Determines the Price of Stuga Floors?

When it comes to pricing, we are all about transparency. We offer white oak floors featuring fixed length boards milled from sustainably harvested logs in Europe. We also offer flooring options up and down the price ladder, all constructed with the same quality. The main difference is plank width and length. You can get more 5-inch wide, 72-inch long boards out of a tree than 12-inch-wide, 108-inch long boards. That’s why our 12-inch wide floors are our most expensive. 

Chart comparing costs of different blonde hardwood floors by Stuga

The Stuga Difference

  • Our floors range from $5.54 to $15.50 per square foot with installation cost adding $4 per square foot for quality installation, although rates vary by market.

  • If you want to save on installation, many of our customers DIY. Our boards have a unique locking mechanism that makes it simple. 

  • Crafted from European forests with a 3-layer construction method that was invented in Sweden in 1941, many of our floors feature cross-directional layers of pine and spruce at the core and oak on top.

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