Yes, You Can Use Stuga Floors on Walls and Ceilings Too

Yes, You Can Use Stuga Floors on Walls and Ceilings Too
Design & Photo: Yellow Brick Home | Floor: Zig Zag

Unlike the other guys, you can use our engineered hardwood floors anywhere. Want to add coziness and dimension to your cabin ceiling? Try Zig Zag, our walnut veneer, just like Yellow Brick Home’s Kim and Scott Vargo did in their Michigan home. Looking to create a custom accent wall in your bedroom? Little Square fits the bill. Add an amber-toned glow to your office with Happy Hour walls a la Sarah Sherman Samuel or mix and match our floors for a truly one-of-a-kind feel just like Emily Henderson opted for with Shell and Drift in her brother’s Portland new-build.

Drift wood ceilings in Emily Henderson's brother's River House
Drift ceilings complement the soon-to-be-revealed Shell flooring in Emily Henderson's latest project.

Instant Warmth

Why should you consider wood for your walls and/or ceilings? Wood provides a warm and inviting aesthetic. Not only will carrying wood beyond your floors make quite the design statement, but it’s a way to add cohesion to a room or even some unique juxtaposition. Highlight existing architecture with unifying wood or make an open-concept room feel that much more welcoming.

Walnut flooring on a ceiling in Yellow Brick Home's red house
Kim and Scott Vargo of Yellow Brick Home added drama to their cabin with Zig Zag ceilings. 

Acoustic Appeal

There’s no question wood has the power to beautify any space, but did you know that it can also improve sound quality? Wood’s natural acoustic properties, particularly when used on a ceiling, help reduce echoes and absorb excess sound. Have a home theater or music room? Looks like you just found your next home improvement project.

Keep It Comfortable

Having difficulties keeping your electric bill down in hot summers or chilly winters? A wood ceiling may be the answer. Wood is a natural insulator, so not only will it make sure your bills are more reasonable, but your home will stay more comfortable year-round.

Kim Wolfe used Little Square in this HGTV living room on the flooring and stair siding
Kim Wolfe complemented this HGTV-featured home's staircase with Little Square siding. Photo: Madeline Harper.

Play With Light

Because our raw materials are so well-made, they easily lend themselves to more creative applications. Choose any of our blonde hardwoods like Fika or Astrid to brighten a space and make it appear larger, or one of our brown floors like Harbor to curate a more intimate room. Furthermore, how you install the boards will affect your perception.

Sarah Sherman Samuel in her Michigan showhouse pantry with wood walls by Stuga
Sarah Sherman Samuel continued the Shell flooring in her Michigan showhouse up the pantry walls for an extra organic touch. Photo: Daniel Peter.

Wood for a Lifetime

Hardwoods are a classic building material because of their durability and long lifespan. Unlike paint or wallpaper that may go out of style or require upkeep due to daily wear and tear, wood walls and ceilings are low-maintenance and only get more beautiful over time as they patina. Wood in your home is also a wonderful capital improvement.

Considering an oiled floor like Shell for your floors but unsure about the maintenance? There is no need to oil when used on the walls or ceilings.

Studio MTK used Shell wood flooring on walls of this Montauk surfhouse
Studio MTK added charm to this Montauk surf house bedroom with Shell cladding on a feature wall.

Better-Made Hardwoods

Sustainability is one of our core tenants and we’re grateful to partner with European manufacturers that feel the same way. Wood is a natural, renewable resource and many of our floors are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. This means that wood is harvested in a way that promotes good forestry practices and biodiversity. 

Our waterproof hardwood floors are also GreenGuard Gold certified, meaning they are held to the most strict standards for indoor air quality and don’t emit any harmful VOCs. 

Easy Installation

When installing our floors on walls or ceilings, there are a few things to keep in mind. Instead of floating, gluing and stapling are the only options for installation. Prefer to DIY? It can definitely be done. Want to call in the professionals? Take a look at our installation guide to see the preferred installers in your area.

Walnut flooring on a ceiling