The Four Best Hardwood Floors for Cabins

The Four Best Hardwood Floors for Cabins

Design & Photo: Emily Cosnotti | The Sweet Beast

At Stuga, we’re big fans of the outdoors. Nature is, well, in our nature. We embrace the way that incorporating natural materials into design can positively affect humans’ moods and overall well-being. In fact, “stuga” means cabin in Swedish, named for the small cottages tucked away in nature where many Swedish families retreat for the summer.

Because of their organic design, any Stuga floor makes a great addition to a cabin getaway. But these four in particular are simply begging to be installed in your very own stuga.

Cozy up with a warm, Nordic brown.

With a color reminiscent of patinaed saddle leather, Solstice couldn’t be more perfect for a countryside retreat. This floor is coziness embodied. It blends burnt umber and smoky mahogany hues to create a wonderfully rich, dark brown. Pile on the sheepskin rugs and your cabin will become the ultimate après-ski hangout spot. (Pro-tip: You can even install our floors over radiant heating for extra comfort in colder climates).

Thanks to its oiled finish, Solstice has all the tactile qualities of raw wood. Oil it upon installation, and then about once every 9-12 month in high traffic areas to keep it protected. Over time, this floor will develop a beautiful patina unique to your cabin.

Let nature do the talking.

Forest, an unstained white oak floor with loads of character, is perfect for cabins everywhere. “Unstained” means the color you see is the natural color of the oak, no more, no less. It’s a timeless look that’s full of warmth. Peppered with freckles and knots, Forest lets the tree’s characteristics take center stage. This character also gives the floor a slightly darker appearance than some of our other unstained options (like Tivoli or Old Town). Imagine dappled light from the forest filtering through your cabin’s windows and dancing across this floor. Truly a dream.

Forest has an acrylic finish that requires no maintenance (beyond vacuuming and the occasional spray cleaning with our microfiber mop). It stands up to life’s messes with little fuss.

Invite weathered charm indoors.

If you’re looking for something dripping with nostalgia, Market is your perfect floor. Gray tones are reminiscent of outdoor wood (like aged teak benches or century-old barnwood) for a reason. Left to the elements, dust, pollen, salt & sun converge to slowly create a silvery patina on wood. Market brings the beauty of this aging process inside, with a subtle gray color that allows just the right amount of warmth to come through. So you can keep that al fresco feeling going even when it’s time to come indoors.

Whether your “stuga” is a cabin in the woods or a beachside cottage, Market is one of our best floors for hiding the wear-and-tear that comes with indoor/outdoor living. Its gray tone, brushed texture, and ample character help to hide dirt, sand, and pet hair. Its oiled finish requires a bit of maintenance once per year, but the authentic look and feel makes it more than worth the effort.

Go for the gold standard.

We know we shouldn't pick favorites, but if there was one standout floor that Stuga staff loves, Shell would take the title. It has been installed in some amazing cabins and is the Goldilocks of colors - warm but not orangey, light but still natural. Its hand-scraped surface gives this floor a subtle undulating texture like rippling water. Pair this with its wide, long planks and you have a floor that’s just as fitting in a 100-year-old cottage as it is in an ultra-modern dwelling.

Shell’s oiled finish gives it a feel similar to raw wood and a subtle radiance in sunlight. Give it a little extra love in the form of yearly maintenance, and it will give you a lifetime of natural beauty.


If there’s one thing that ties all cabins together, it’s the spirit of connecting with nature. From the moment you open your cabin’s door, you should feel a little wave of calm. And by choosing a wood floor, you’ll only enhance that feeling.