Meet Our New Waterproof Wood Floors

Waterproof hardwood flooring by Stuga in a natural body of water

When it comes to deciding what floors to put in your home, there are a handful of considerations: aesthetic, cost, availability, durability, ease of installation, and even sustainability.  While we know a majority of Stuga customers prioritize the look and feel of their floors, there’s plenty to say when it comes to those that are also waterproof, impact-resistant, and worry-free. 

Our newest selection of floors are 100 percent wood like the rest of our European white oak offerings but are uniquely constructed for impressive durability and finished with a commercial-grade coat. 

These floors are called hardened wood floors because they are reinforced at a cellular level with resin and wood dust.

Why Hardened Wood Flooring

Want a gorgeous floor but worried about how it’ll stand up to your 100-pound Great Dane, heavy furniture, frequent spills, roller chairs, rowdy kids, or commercial environments? Gone are the days of scratched and indented floors thanks to a floor that is 3 to 5 times stronger. 

Unlike traditional engineered hardwood floors, hardened wood floors are waterproof. Due to the construction and installation method, water won’t seep into the joints or subfloor, and it’ll continue to look brand new even if accidents or spills occur. Plus, they do well in harsh climate conditions, won’t shrink or gap in the winter, or expand or buckle from moisture in the summer. 

Hardened Wood Flooring Construction

The Most Sustainable Hardwood

Our hardened wood floors are naturally sustainable, built from trees harvested in Croatia. The process consists of creating a layered wood product with thin wood sheets, which yields 10 times more flooring than the typical engineered hardwood production method and 30 times more than solid wood flooring. By using thin slices of lumber, less trees have to be cut down, thus positively affecting the carbon footprint. 

Certified Above and Beyond

All of our new hardened wood floors are GreenGuard Gold certified, meaning they are put through extensive tests annually to see how they affect indoor air quality and to make sure they are safe for the most sensitive of individuals. The tests look for the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are hazardous to long-term health. Eye irritation, nausea, memory issues, and fatigue can occur, while eventually, exposure to VOCs can cause chronic disease and cancer.

Our floors are also FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council). This process entails how the lumber is handled on the ground, during production, and after it leaves and ensures sustainable forestry practices are used. 

High Five

The beauty of real wood meets next-level durability with High Five. The floor, which has a natural oak top layer, is luxe to the touch yet its hardened wood construction makes it waterproof, dent-proof, scratch-proof, and ideal for the most for the most wear-and-tear environments. The low-maintenance floor is right for those who love the look of our other natural oak floors like Happy Hour or Forest, but are more cost-conscious and looking for a healthier and more appealing alternative to toxic vinyl. 

High Five waterproof hardwood flooring sample


Cartwheel has the same hardened wood construction yet features boards with tones most similar to Ingrid. Its earthy gray hue makes it highly versatile to pair with a range of styles and in a range of residential and commercial spaces. 

Cartwheel waterproof hardwood flooring

Giddy Up

Giddy Up, a timeless blonde oak, feels good underfoot (like the rest of our premier, European-crafted floors) but is even more impact- and scratch-resistant. This floor is perfect for fans of Fika, Swell, and Little Square

Giddy Up blonde hardwood flooring by Stuga


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