Home Spotlight: Moonlight Floors in a Chris Loves Julia Designed Kitchen

Home Spotlight: Moonlight Floors in a Chris Loves Julia Designed Kitchen

Bloggers Chris and Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia are no strangers to a Stuga floor. By the time they set out to choose the floors for their friend’s kitchen they knew they could count on Stuga to make hardwood floors easy, because they already had Stuga in their cabin and their home. 

A kitchen renovation can be complicated, but at Stuga it is our mission to make sure selecting the perfect floors is not. We are often asked if Stuga floors can go into a kitchen and the answer is absolutely yes! Our engineered hardwood floors perform beautifully in a kitchen, and as you can see below, can provide just the warm base a kitchen needs.

The Marcums selected our Moonlight floors to complement the modern traditional aesthetic of the home. Moonlight plays so nicely with the wood beams on the ceiling, the brass accents throughout, and the white and wood cabinetry. Julia and Chris are masters of layering all the elements in a room and they chose a beautiful floor as the base.

“The 5” wide boards are timeless, incredibly smooth with a matte lacquer finish that eliminates most of the glare,” says Julia. “The muted grey-white tones in this oak floor have so much character, I already want to use them again and again.”

Moonlight has soft white undertones and minimal knots and graining, making it a perfect choice for a modern look. It can be used to provide a clean base for a more traditional home or it can be the fresh foundation in a modern home. A truly versatile floor, Moonlight is muted and simple in its beauty with brushing to enhance the natural character of the oak.

Moonlight is a truly Scandinavian floor with its light tones and character. Thanks to the beautiful simplicity of the floor, it will look perfect in so many different homes, and as Chris and Julia have demonstrated, especially in the heart of the home.

Stuga floors are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. They provide the warmth and tradition of a timeless design and look beautiful next to a stunning set of cabinets. Many people worry about hardwood floors in a kitchen, but we know with a little care, Stuga floors not only look amazing in a kitchen, but perform amazingly too.

The biggest thing to remember with wood floors in your kitchen is to wipe up any water or liquid mess. Our engineered hardwood floors are still wood, so they will act as any wood floors will with liquid. Keeping them dry will ensure your kitchen floors will look amazing for decades. 

The end result is an absolute dream! It’s warm but neutral,” Julia says of the new Moonlight floors. This kitchen is a beautiful example of how Moonlight can look and perform in a kitchen, and if you’d like to see more, check out Chris Loves Julia’s post about the kitchen here!