Oak Muse


*All samples and flooring of Oak Muse are sold out until November 2019. As an alternative, we recommend Oak Mostra, which is identical in tone to Oak Muse but is a bit more lively. Other wonderful alternatives are Oak Cadence and Oak Crisp as well. Email us at hej@stugastudio.com to get on the waiting list for Oak Muse.*

The muted grey-white tones in this oak floor are enhanced by an even stain, resulting in a timeless expression. Each board is carefully brushed to bring out the character of the grain and highlight the natural texture of the wood. The matt lacquer finish eliminates glare while protecting the wood from daily wear. 

Like all of our floors, it's incredibly healthy. You will get exposed to more formaldehyde walking through a forest than living on this floor for a lifetime.

*This product can be floated, glued, or stapled down. 

Length 73 1/4" Width 5" Thickness 1/2"

17.782 sf/carton (7 boards)

Beveled edge  

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