Your Questions About Waterproof Wood Floors, Answered

Sample of waterproof wood flooring by Stuga

Our waterproof wood floors are the new, budget-friendly alternative to vinyl that have quickly become some of our most popular products. Why are they so loved? They offer all the benefits of a wood floor - from design to wellbeing - and are durable enough for the liveliest households. 

We know that waterproof wood floors are new to most people, and you’re curious to learn more before committing to installing them throughout your home. Last week, we asked for your questions on our Instagram stories. Here are some of the top-asked questions and our answers!

Q: Are they real wood? 

A: Yes! That’s what makes these floors so special. The top layer is a thin piece of white oak, which means that these floors have all the natural variation that you would find in a traditional hardwood floor. Unlike LVP or LVT, the grain patterns in our these products is real and natural, not printed. You shouldn’t have to compromise on design for a budget-friendly floor. Plus, real wood floors have a calming effect that manmade materials just can’t replicate.

While our other engineered wood floors have thick layers of pine at their cores, our waterproof products have cores made from wood fibers that have been highly compressed. These cores have better water resistance and higher stability than pine. 

Q: How do they hold up to wear and tear from kids and dogs? 

A: Wonderfully! It may seem counterintuitive that these thin floors are resilient to family life, but they are finished with a commercial grade acrylic lacquer. That means that it is resistant to scratches, dents, and water (although not completely waterproof). This finish is still healthy and safe, because we believe that indoor air quality should never be sacrificed. Plus, we made sure that the finish felt good underfoot when we launched these floors - you won’t find any plasticky finishes here.

Q: Should I be concerned that these floors can’t be sanded?

A: Not at all. The reality is, wood floors are rarely sanded unless you want to change their color. The curated colors in our waterproof collection are so timeless that you would never want to. Their durable finish also protects from wear and tear, so you’ll be less likely to need repairs.

Q: How do I install these floors? 

A: Installation is super simple. The thinner profile of our waterproof floors is perfect for renovations, as it can easily fit under existing doors, and can be floated or glued right on top of any surface that is firm, flat, and dry (like tile). These floors must be installed via the floating method (generally one of the easiest ways to install), or glue down method. 

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