How to Choose the Perfect Floor Color

How to Choose the Perfect Floor Color

Feeling overwhelmed about choosing the perfect floor color? We get it - it's a big decision!⁠ Follow these tips to confidently choose a hardwood floor that looks made for your home.

Start with the definites

Any furniture, impactful decor, or finishes that you will definitely include in your space can guide you toward or away from certain tones and shades. Start looking at color ranges that fit with these items.⁠ Rather than trying to find a perfect match, consider creating balance between your floor and other wood tones in your home. Layers of different, complementary tones can create beautiful depth in your space.

Find your favorites

Our collections are grouped by color to help you filter your search.⁠ Order any free, small samples that catch your eye (our team might throw in an extra sample here or there that we think you'll like).⁠ If you’re on the fence about a color you see on our website, order a sample so that you can rule it out. You might be pleasantly surprised when you see it in person!

Take your samples on a tour

⁠Place your samples in different rooms to see how they look with the lighting and furniture. Pay attention to the finishes and tones in different lighting.⁠ Get inspired by how much a new wood floor can enhance the atmosphere of your space.

Create a mood board

If your floor is part of a bigger remodel, lay out your Stuga samples with your cabinet, paint, tile, or fabric samples. Get a feel for the color story. Think about the textures as well - do you want a floor with plenty of organic knots and grain, or something more uniform?

Go big

Once you've narrowed down your small samples, we recommend ordering large 2x3' samples of your top contenders. This will give you a better idea of the variation from plank to plank.⁠

Still having trouble deciding?

The Stuga team is happy to help! We love talking through design challenges and offering our advice. Email or call us at any point in your decision-making process. ⁠