Project Spotlight: Design Tips from a Bauhaus-Inspired Studio

Project Spotlight: Design Tips from a Bauhaus-Inspired Studio

Photography: Christian Torres | Design: Swift Studios

Swift Studios NYC is proof that bright floors can make a creative studio space come alive. For the studio's lounge floors, Greta by Stuga balanced out industrial elements with the organic warmth of its white oak wide planks.

We talked with owner Erin Swift about the inspiration behind the design, from incorporating Bauhaus principles to creating a modern take on the iconic 70's conversation pit. 

Read on for design tips from Erin (plus more views of this stunning studio space).

Stuga: Tell us about how Swift Studios started! 

ES: It all started when I left my Metrocard at my other business, Prop Workshop, while leaving work one day. When I went back to get it, I accidentally pressed the wrong elevator button and the doors opened up on the floor below -- a completely empty 12,000 square foot space. My brain started creating all these possibilities of what could be done in there.

I had been in the photo business for two decades as a set and prop stylist, and had been dreaming of something like this for a long time. My friend, Anna Livermore, founder of the fashion consultancy V.Mora., had also been considering ways to make the post-manufacturing and development process more convenient for her clients. We were really excited to combine a photo studio with access to the Prop Workshop and create a sort of one-stop shop for brands and creatives.

Stuga: How did design movements like Bauhaus influence the interior of the studios? 

ES: We were inspired by the Bauhaus movement because we wanted Swift to be much more than a functional space. Bauhaus merged fine art principles with architecture and design trades, creating a notion that anything has the potential to be art. This notion encouraged us to be intentional about the smallest aspects of the design process. 
Swift Studios white oak Stuga Greta flooring

Stuga: What inspired the circular, sunken lounge seating?

The 70s! I think conversation pits are some of the greatest designs that we don't see anymore. I really wanted to see one again, so we ultimately decided to create one for our studio. It has truly created this welcoming energy for people to hang out and get to know one another.

Stuga: How did you decide on Greta floors for the lounge flooring? 

ES: With our color palette, it was really the only choice. There's something about this flooring and finish that makes our space feel like a home rather than a sleek photo studio. I absolutely love these floors.

Stuga: Any tips for homeowners designing their own spaces?

ES: Yes! Don't think too much or lose sleep over these design decisions, just commit and let the rest follow. Nothing is permanent and design will always keep evolving. 
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