Spritz - Stuga

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A spritz is the perfect antidote to a long, summer day--not too overpowering but still leaving you with a lift, just like this floor. Peppered with small knots, it offers just enough character & dimension to make a modern space feel more organic, and just enough lightness to make a traditional space feel brighter & more spacious. The floor is softly brushed so you can feel the natural grain of the wood under your toes, but the matte lacquer finish will still protect it from everyday spills and stains. A highly functional and beautiful choice for those who love practical modernity.

*This product can be floated, glued, or stapled down. 

L 95 1/4" W 6" T 5/8"

Sandable 2x

23.573 sf/carton (6 boards)

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