Why our floors are second to none

The Most Certified Floor In The World 

We only sell Kährs of Sweden, the oldest hardwood flooring company in the world. They invented engineered hardwood flooring in 1941. They invented pre-finished wood flooring in 1958. They were the first company in the world to remove all chemicals from their finishes, way back in 1983. They introduced the US to engineered wood floors in the mid 90's. They invented the first locking system on a hardwood floor, Woodloc, in 2000. Kährs is widely considered to be the world leader in design, quality, and sustainable manufacturing.


Woodloc #nogaps 

Just how strong is the Woodloc joint? Well, you can lock two boards together and hang a car from them. This means that gaps in your floor are a thing of the past. Installation is also wonderfully easy whether you're floating, stapling, or gluing down your Kährs floor. 

Beauty With A Conscience

Kährs has the only carbon negative hardwood flooring factory in the world, which means it produces more waste than it consumes. All wood waste is recycled into biofuel, used to reheat the factory along with many homes in the Swedish village of Nybro. It has both ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications.