Design duo Chris and Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia have been working with Stuga products since the beginning. From using Ingrid in their modern cottage home to Pepper in their cabin, Chris and Julia have shown that well-designed floors lay the foundation for beautiful spaces.

Chris and Julia's kitchen

Chris and Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia inspire design-lovers everywhere to love where they live. Always discovering what’s next in design, the Marcums have curated a time-honored style infused with modern livability. Faye ticked every box when it came to sourcing the perfect floor. 

Faye is a soft midtone brown that feels like home. Its ultra-matte acrylic finish gives the illusion of raw wood while protecting the wood below from daily life. It's the perfect intersection of beauty and functionality.

Ingrid is the best because the color matches life. It doesn’t lean warm or cool, it’s just that right in-between.

the design

Watch as the Marcums install Moonlight in the modern traditional Fullmer kitchen.

“The 5” wide boards are timeless, incredibly smooth with a matte lacquer finish that eliminates most of the glare,” Julia said of Moonlight. “The muted grey-white tones in this oak floor have so much character, I already want to use them again and again.”