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Nature All-in-one Underlayment 100 sq. ft.

By far our most preferred underlayment. Ideal for any floating or staple down installation. *Cannot be used in glue down installations.  

Why is this the best underlayment in the world?

First, it's healthy. It doesn't off-gas because it's free from formaldehyde, latex, and PBDEs. Something incredibly rare with flooring underlayments. 

Second, it has wonderful antimicrobial properties. That's right, mold literally cannot grow against it.

Third, it protects against moisture from underneath via a breathable vapor barrier.

Fourth, it has excellent acoustic ratings, which means it significantly reduces step and drum sound.

Fifth, it works wonderfully over radiant heat systems. 

You can float your floor over it or staple through it, film side up and fabric side down, although stapling does compromise the vapor barrier. CANNOT be used for glue down floor installations. Eligible for LEED green building points. UL GreenGuard GOLD Certified.  Eco + Underlayment lays with seams butted together.

  • Each roll covers 100 square feet
  • Each roll is 36 inches wide x 33 feet long, 1/8 inch thickness.
  • Sound ratings: STC = 67; IIC = 73 

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