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Squared Stair Nosings

Your home deserves a beautiful staircase. You deserve a perfectly matched stair nosing. Our nosings are the culmination of countless collaborations over the years with our custom home builder clients, as well as taking inspiration from the Swedes who have been making profiles like these for decades. Each nosing is made from individual floor planks. The wide face of the nosing makes it more stable while also making it easier to mount stair railing plates. Rounded, stained to match nosings are a thing of the past.

Made from flooring, these square nosings provide a slight overhang of the stair rise. These nosings are meant to mimic a 'solid tread' while giving you a perfectly matched product with exactly the same character and color as your floor. The edges are slightly eased and finished to protect against wear and tear.  

**Since each nosing is custom made, the lead time is approximately three to four weeks. This product ships separately from your floor.**