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*Sold out until April 24, 2021. We are accepting orders now for delivery upon arrival. Moonlight is currently in stock and a wonderful alternative to Pippi, with an identical stain but fewer knots and cracks. Please email us for additional details or questions: hej@stugastudio.com

Named for Sweden’s beloved heroine, Pippi is a lively oak floor that is timeless and modern. The tone of this floor has a beautiful light and neutral character but is freckled with light knots and small cracks for added depth. With 5" wide planks, it’s the perfect floor for an elegant room with a slightly rustic feel, finished with a matte lacquer to protect from wear and tear.

Like all of our floors, it's incredibly healthy. You will get exposed to more formaldehyde walking through a forest than living on this floor for a lifetime. 

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