Sauna - Stuga

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The Scandinavian tradition of a hot bath, cold plunge, and a sauna is a regular part of winter wellness and a reflection of their deep love for the outdoors, even in frigid temperatures. This floor carries all the versatility and character of a traditional Scandinavian sauna--rustic, rich, with plenty of grain and natural texture. The color of this floor’s stain has hints of grey in it, but lighter highlights of the oak’s wheat tone still shine through, creating an effect that is still refined and can work well with either traditional or more modern decor.

Produced by Kahrs of Sweden, the inventor of the engineered hardwood floor in 1941. This specific product is produced in the Kahrs China factory, rather than the main factory in Nybro, Sweden.

*This product can be floated, glued, or stapled down. 

 * This product has a natural oil finish and should be coated with Satin Oil immediately after installation. 

L 74 3/4'' W 7 1/2'' T 5/8"

Sandable 2x

 23.36 sf/carton (6 boards)

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