The belief that we are stronger as a whole is the inspiration behind this floor, designed with shorter planks so as to be able to use all parts of the tree. A truly sustainable approach to design, this is just one of the concrete ways we’ve been able to reduce all waste in our Swedish factory. The look has a layered feel to it, with multiple stains applied to the oak, but finished with white, giving this floor a profile that captures all the naturally occurring color variations and knots. Very subtle brushing allows the texture of the wood to shine through.

*This product can be floated, glued, or stapled down. 

Length 95 3/8" Width 7 7/8" Thickness 5/8" 

31.323 sf/carton (6 boards)

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You will need 0 left boxes AND 0 right boxes 0 boxes (31.32 sq. ft. per box) which totals to about 0 sq. ft.

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