Care for your wood floor

Keep gravel and sand outside 

The first thing you can do for your wood floor is get a good door matt to clean and dry shoes before coming in. Ideally both in and outside the door.

Put protective pads on all furniture

Place felt pads on the bottom of table and chair legs. Do not use protectors made of metal as they can wear patches and scratch the floor.

Light floors need more attention

If you have light wood floors, you’ll need to clean them a little more often because they are more prone to show wear.

Cleaning hardwood floors

Dry cleaning is the best way to clean hardwood floors. Vacuum and clean with a broom regularly and occasionally use a damp, well-wrung-out cloth/mop. Only dampen the floor slightly. The film of water left by the floor cloth must dry within a minute. For best results, use Kährs Spray Cleaner. 

Oiled floors maintenance tips 

Oiled floors should be re-oiled immediately after installation and prior to use with Kährs Satin Oil. We recommend re-oiling the floor once a year in high wear and tear areas like kitchens for example. Read our detailed instructions here