With a product designed so thoughtfully, why should shopping for it be so complicated? Who has time to go from flooring store to flooring store to parse through hundreds of options with little information about what you’re bringing into your home? Stuga is here to bring the style, simplicity, and inspiration that shines throughout Scandinavia to the process of shopping for thoughtfully designed, sustainably crafted, and sublimely modern floors.

How does Stuga work? Simply. 

We’ve partnered with the most forward-thinking flooring companies in Scandinavia to bring you a collection of floors that are modern, sustainable, and easy to buy online. Simply choose the floors you’re interested in and we’ll send a sample to your home free of charge. Once you’ve chosen your floor, come back and place your order online and we’ll ship your entire order free within five business days. A palette of gorgeous and sweet-smelling floors will arrive on your doorstep before you know it.

Anatomy of a Happy Floor

You can’t get better quality than “created by the people who invented engineered flooring”. In 1941, our manufacturers invented engineered flooring as a way to preserve the precious forests of Sweden, the country’s most important natural resource. Later, in 1958, they invented pre-finished wood flooring and then theirr patented locking system , a key part of the design, in 2000. This system is so strong that just by snapping two boards together, you create a bond strong enough to hang a car from. This ensures your floors will be simple to install, last over time with no gaps, and be able to be installed in a way that allows it to be sustainably recycled.

Made with responsibly grown, sustainably harvested, happy trees, period. Most engineered floors are constructed with low-quality, toxic, and wasteful glues and fillers--but that would never fly in Sweden, where our manufacturer eliminated all toxic solvents from their finishes and stains back in 1983.  You’d be exposed to more formaldehyde walking through the forest than living on our floors for a lifetime. And all the wood waste from the climate positive factory we work with is recycled into biofuel--reheating the factory along with many homes in the neighboring Swedish village. It’s this kind of integrity and clean construction that makes our design truly sustainable. That’s why our products have been certified against the toughest environmental restrictions in the world, more than any other floor on the market.

A common-sense customer experience. It’s not enough for your products to be well-designed if your business model doesn’t follow suit. The traditional hardwood flooring business model is designed to benefit distributors and middlemen, at the expense of the homeowner. We’d like to change that. We aim to provide a better customer experience and save you money, all while supporting one of the world’s most sustainable manufacturers of hardwood flooring. Win-win-win.