Kährs Oak Vista. Wide plank engineered hardwood flooring from Sweden.
Kährs Oak Vista. Wide plank engineered hardwood flooring from Sweden.
Kährs Oak Vista. Wide plank engineered hardwood flooring from Sweden.


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Named for the classic chair by Hans Wegner, this floor is an organic dream: graceful, modern, and delivering a truly elevated look. Wishbone offers a wonderful balance of minimalism and warmth as its white stain offsets a pattern of knots, cracks, and grain. Brushed and lightly oiled, the floor has a raw texture that allows one to really feel the connection to the forest beneath their feet--one of the reasons we’d recommend living like the Swedes on this floor and taking off your shoes to allow its beauty to last forever.


Sun Exposure
Builds Character
Forever Young
Extra Love
Install & Enjoy
  • Natural Oil finish
  • 1/8" wear layer (sandable 2x)
  • L 95 1/4" x W 7 3/8" x H 5/8"
  • 29.28sf/carton (6 boards)
  • Made in Sweden

This floor has a natural oil finish and should be coated with Satin Oil immediately after installation. The oil can easily be applied with the free Floor Care Kit we provide. Maintaining this floor is similar to maintaining antique furniture, since the oil ensures it looks beautiful for years to come. We recommend re-oiling your floor once per year in high traffic areas like kitchens or entry ways. This protects the floor from any potential spills or stains.

Stuga warranty

This floor has a lifetime structural warranty and 25 year wear through warranty on the finish.

Installation guides

Our floors can be floated, glued or stapled. View our install guides to find the best option for you.

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Why our flooring?

Unmatched construction

Our three layer flooring is an industry best. We source only the best and most sustainable products and flooring that will last a lifetime.


Natural Oil finish that allows the full texture and beauty of wood to take center stage. This finish will not yellow over time. Does require annual re-oiling in high traffic areas like kitchens and entryways.

White Oak
From Scandinavia

Beautiful and slower-growing, made thick enough for two sandings.

From Scandinavia

Fast-growing, sustainable, and porous pine strips that expand and contract individually, protecting the top layer of wood.

From Scandinavia

Fast-growing and sustainable, as well as porous and moisture absorbent.

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