A note from our CEO: Why Stuga will never do Black Friday

A note from our CEO: Why Stuga will never do Black Friday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals are so common now that no one questions the impact of them. And in fact, most consumers today expect them. 

But Stuga will never do a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal. 

The whole concept of slashing prices to drive action & revenue has never sat well with me. So when I started Stuga three years ago, I took a hard look at the value of our product, the margins we needed to operate (as a fully remote operation - pre-pandemic!) and the overall flooring market to come up with fair pricing for today’s design-minded homeowner. This was doubly important as a DTC model business with the mission to bring high-quality Scandinavian hardwood flooring to more people. 

What drove me to start Stuga was the altruistic nature of Direct to Consumer. Cutting out the middleman, streamlining the process, getting higher quality product into the hands of today’s busy people - especially products that enhance and improve your daily life. After living in Sweden and working for the oldest and most respected engineered flooring manufacturer in the world, Scandi design culture guides every decision I make and the direction that Stuga is heading. 

This means creating a shopping experience that focuses first on the quality of the flooring we have curated, the ease for selection and the support we provide along the way. All so that you can make your home the best reflection of yourself. The joy in walking upon Scandinavian flooring. 

Offering accessible, democratic design is what Stuga does every single day. 

And we would never increase prices just to slash them down for made up holidays or to follow what everyone else is doing. Because that’s what all this is, right?

We like to remember the days that this time of year was focused on gatherings with family and friends. Indulging in meals & recipes passed down from generations. Resting and relaxing, cuddled up as the seasons change. 

We’d love to forget the frantic messaging of Sales! Deal! Price cut! And the pressure it puts on consumers to BUY NOW! 

But we get it. This has been yet another hard year for so many. Professional lives have been disrupted. Prices are increasing everywhere. And saving a bit while selecting gifts for those you love is super important. 

We’re just saying that for flooring - and really any product you bring into your home - a flash sale shouldn’t be what inspires you to hit Add to Cart now. This is an investment, a decision that will enhance your daily life while increasing the value of your home. It’s a purchase that you may make only once or twice in your whole life. 

So we want it to be a thoughtful one. A pleasant one, where you are inspired and supported along the way. Where you learn something about Scandi culture and happy Swedish forests. Any day of the year. 

Njut av semestern! [Enjoy the holidays!]

Marc Bacher, Founder & CEO