Save 5% on 7 Floors That Check Every Box

Save 5% on 7 Floors That Check Every Box
Design: Bivvi Camp | Photo: Dylan Woock | Floor: Astrid

What describes your perfect floor? Is it blonde, brown, or somewhere in the middle? Is it wide, narrow, or that ideal middle ground? The Swedish concept of “lagom,” which means “not too much, not too little” has inspired our latest sale with floors that achieve a balanced look in any home. 

Spring is a great time to renovate, so why not pick out your dream floor and save some money too? 

Little Square

A narrower, more accessible version of our best-selling floor Fika, Little Square has a timeless blonde tone, mid-sized planks, and a slightly beveled edge. It’s a customer-favorite and designers love it too for its subtle variances, organic feel, low-maintenance install and upkeep, and modern-leaning look. Love Fika, Greta, or Astrid? Little Square may be the floor for you.


One of our most character-heavy floors, Forest is a charming unstained oak that showcases the beauty of Mother Nature at its finest. It’s peppered with knots and small cracks with a matte lacquer finish that eliminates glare, while offering protection from daily wear-and-tear. Its four-sided beveling gives it a classic feel. Part of our Natural Oak family, Forest is a wonderful alternative to the wide-plank Frida, and a more rustic version of the ever-popular Tivoli.


Tivoli has become the standout floor of the year, even selling out on multiple occasions. Why? Its natural oak construction, friendly price-point, 5-inch-wide boards, and modern appearance make it the ideal floor for achieving the classic Scandinavian look. Tivoli is loved by homeowners, architects, and contractors alike.


Part of our Misfits family, Moonlight is for those with a distinct style with boards that offer a clean grade with gray-white tone. Its modern design, brushed texture, and occasional small knots make it a muted yet beautiful pick for any home, especially for a show-stopping staircase.

Astrid T&G

If you’re looking for a modern white oak floor, you’ve found your match in Astrid. This white oak hardwood is part of our Blondes family and has boards featuring an ultra-matte acrylic finish, meaning it feels similar to raw wood but will be protected from anything life throws at it. Unlike many of our floors which feature a locking system, this version of Astrid features a tongue-and-groove construction. 


Faye is one of our Amber floors, making it an ideal choice if you like the look of floors like Happy Hour, Shell, and Drift. It's richer in tone than a Blonde or Tan floor, it has a swirling grain pattern, subtle knots, and character that rests somewhere between rustic and modern. 


Calling all Shell fans, Drift is the more cost-conscious version for you. It has the same tone, hand-scraped detailing, and oiled finish that isn’t just gorgeous to look at, but is a desirable, eco-friendly, European-made floor that will leave your space feeling tranquil and timeless. 

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