Find the Perfect Floor for Your Zodiac Sign

Find the Perfect Floor for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Fika

A natural leader and community builder, Aries relishes any opportunity to take a fika (a break for coffee and connection) with friends. Just like Aries, Fika’s uncomplicated character earns it a spot as a well-loved bestseller. Fika leaves room for Aries to flex their spontaneous side, with easy cleaning and minimal maintenance required.

Taurus: Grove

A grounded and tenacious sign, Taurus will be drawn to Grove’s earthy tone and decadently wide planks. With a penchant for luxury and all things cozy, this floor’s simple extravagance is just what the bull needs after an ambitious day.

Gemini: Pepper

Duality comes naturally to the Gemini, a trait that our highest contrast floor, Pepper, reflects. With fearless, black cracks scattered throughout bright, blonde planks, this floor dances between rustic and modern. Pepper’s striking contrast appeals to Geminis’ buzzy minds.

Cancer: Shell

Who else could fit Shell as well as Cancer, the sign of the crab? An oiled floor, Shell needs a little extra love (annual re-oiling) to look its best - a job well-suited for Cancer’s nurturing personality. Plenty of character ties this floor to its forest roots, creating the peaceful sanctuary that gentle Cancer needs.

Leo: Happy Hour

Leo’s vivacious personality could only be matched by Happy Hour, a warm-toned floor that’s essentially sunshine in a floor. This floor’s oiled finish has a radiance in the light that mirrors Leo’s passion for the spotlight.

Virgo: Little Square

Virgos thrive in organized environments that calm their busy minds. A peaceful floor with minimal knots, Little Square is the perfect fit for this analytical sign. Plus, its popularity is data-backed. Our 2022 bestseller, Virgos can rest easy knowing that Little Square is a solid choice.

Libra: Lucia

Romantic and creative, Libras should look no further than Lucia. This floor’s bright tone is the perfect backdrop for the Libra’s art collection, and sets a beautiful stage for entertaining company. Plus, it’s easy to clean and requires little maintenance. Just what this ultimate host needs for post-soiree cleanup.

Scorpio: Solstice

Scorpio’s mystery and magnetism could only be matched by the darkest floor in our collection, Solstice. With heavy character and rich color, Solstice has the power and depth perfect for a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Harbor

Free-spirited and unfiltered, Sagittarius explores where others wouldn’t dare. These adventure seekers will find their match in Harbor, one of the most varied floors in our collection. Harbor is stained and then smoked, creating a bit of nonconformity that’s perfect for this bold fire sign.

Capricorn: Ingrid

The grounded and poised Capricorn meets their match in Ingrid, a timeless performer that exudes elegance. Ambitious Capricorns will appreciate Ingrid’s minimal maintenance. Its ultra-matte finish and earthy tone is beautiful and practical, minimizing the appearance of dirt or scratches. This easy floor is just right for no-nonsense Capricorns.

Aquarius: Greta

Innovative and rebellious Aquarius has no time for boring floors. Greta brings the energy Aquarians need to satisfy their curious minds, with a bright tone that’s accentuated by its raw-feeling finish. This sign needs a stimulating environment, which means a floor that can hold its ground against Aquarians’ collected treasures. Greta’s forgiving tone takes it all in stride, looking gorgeous against a variety of colors and contrasting wood tones.

Pisces: Sisu

Often lost in a dream, Pisces is prone to fantasy. Charged with emotional knowledge, this water sign can find a flow to match their own in Sisu. This herringbone floor moves with you, drawing your eye in waves around a room. For Pisces, this movement can draw them further into a daydream or provide a much-needed moment of grounding distraction.

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