Start the New Year Off Right With Modern White Oak Flooring

Start the New Year Off Right With Modern White Oak Flooring

Design: Studio Eastman | Photo: Erin Little | Floor: Shell

NOTE: This sale has ended.

When it comes to building a home, choosing your flooring is one of the most important elements. It grounds your space, connects each room, and guides your daily steps. Plus, with so much time spent inside, selecting flooring and stairs that are equally as beautiful as they are durable and healthy is essential. 

Why White Oak

Stuga floors are honed from European white oak harvested from healthy forests. Our manufacturing partners are dedicated to preventing climate change by reducing emissions with the help of impressive technology and climate-positive initiatives. 

White oak floors are one of the most impact-resistant options on the market, naturally rot-resistant, and do well under typical household conditions. No, white oak isn’t water-proof, but it will hold up to spills, stains, and more when cleaned correctly.  

Kids, dogs, dirty boots, constant foot traffic? Our floors are made to last with non-toxic finishes and will look just as good on day one as they do on day 365. If you’ve been thinking about ripping up your vinyl, replacing softer woods like pine, fir, or cedar, or are prepping for a full-home renovation, you can now get five percent off some of our most popular floors using the code NEWLEAF at checkout.


Fika, which means “coffee break” in Swedish, is a floor that will bring a sense of cohesion and comfort to your home. It’s one of our most popular floors, a modern white oak with a soft blonde tone and wide planks. Even graining and the occasional knot makes this modern-leaning floor excellent for those who love minimalist Scandinavian design. 

Fika Scandinavian white oak flooring by Stuga

Design: Natalie Myers | Photo: Jessica J. Alexander | Floor: Fika

Little Square

For fans of Fika, Little Square is a great budget-conscious alternative with the same blonde hue and 5-inch-wide planks. 


One of our newest floors, Frida is an inviting natural oak with golden coloring. Each board showcases the texture and natural beauty of white oak in this ultra-matte, wide-plank floor. Its unstained finish means a range of tones from blonde to tan to light brown come through, making it universally appealing and low-maintenance.


Love the look of Frida and Tivoli, but opting for flooring on a budget? Forest is an unstained white oak peppered with knots and small cracks and a matte lacquer finish, as well as beveled edged for a classic look and feel. 

Forest natural white oak flooring by Stuga

Design and Photo: Claire Thomas | Floor: Forest


Shell is a customer- and designer-favorite for a reason. It’s a natural oak with a white stain that cancels any honey tones with a color and texture reminiscent of Scandinavian coasts. It’s an oiled floor, meaning it requires slightly more maintenance than our install-and-enjoy options, but it’s truly special thanks to its hand-scraped look and heavy brushing that allows the wood’s knots to shine through.


Drift exudes the same tranquil feeling as walking through a forest with 5-inch-wide white oak boards, an oiled finish, rustic-leaning look, and durable construction. It features subtle movement and natural color variation. It will patina over time. For fans of Shell, Drift is a great option at a lower price point. 

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