Add Character With 10 Percent Off Hardwood Floors

Harbor by Stuga hardwood flooring in a bedroom

Design & Photography: Mallory Recor | Floor: Harbor

Note: Sale ended September 4, 2023.

Natural wood is beautiful. At Stuga, we love hardwood floors with character — every freckle, knot, and crack showcasing a floor’s unique story, the trees from which it was milled, and the memories it’ll continue to be part of in your home. This month, we’re celebrating those features with a 10 percent off hardwood floor sale on our most character-heavy contenders: Pepper, Forest, Harbor, and Solstice


Our most rustic floor, this wide-plank white oak adds instant warmth and charm with large cracks, knots, and a look that still feels modern, ideal for those wanting a one-of-kind floor with a brushed texture that emphasizes its graining. In fact, It was the perfect pick for Chris Loves Julia and their cabin project, a floor they chose after going through 30 to 40 samples from different companies (before finding Stuga). 

“We wanted something rustic (because, hey, it's a cabin) but all the dark options felt too rustic and almost cliche,” they say. “In the end, we fell for Stuga’s Pepper floors. They were a little out of our normal wheelhouse, in a good way!” - @chrislovesjulia


A nature-lover's dream, Forest is a more rustic version of our popular Tivoli, an unstained white oak. Like Pepper, it has knots and small cracks with uniform 5-inch wide planks and consistent color, plus its matte lacquer finish protects it from daily wear (We love a floor that is pet- and kid-friendly!) Designer Claire Thomas purchased Forest for her Northern California cabin, a 1920s gem with a design inspired by Arts and Crafts architecture with antique textiles, copper countertops, and European-made hardwood floors, of course. 

“I kept thinking, this little cottage has stood here for 100 years. I have to give it the respect that it’s due.” - @clairethomas


Rue Magazine editor Kelli Lamb is a big fan of Harbor, and who wouldn’t be? The beautiful white oak planks have an old-world allure thanks to their smoked finish, a technique that allows the wood’s underlying cooler tones to shine through. Not only is it a highly distinguished flooring pick, but its hand-scraped boards, plus smokey walnut and rich honey coloring means that it’ll complement an array of design styles.

“We’re in love with how the oiled floor feels underfoot. The texture has an organic warmth and is really comforting - like it’s the flooring that has been here since 1928.” - @kellilamb_


With burnt umber and smoky mahogany tones, prominent cracks and knots, and a natural oil finish, Solstice perfectly captures the spirit of hygge. Bri Emery of Design Love Fest opted for Solstice for her Hudson Valley cabin to match with the home’s existing 1970s wood beams. (Cheers to saving original features 😉) Layered with sheepskin rugs, vintage finds, and a central fireplace, the home is now a spot to relax and enjoy with floors that will patina over time. 

“The texture [on the floors] feels so nice. It’s been rewarding seeing our new home come to life.” - @designlovefest


Harbor engineered hardwood floors by Stuga with a door and black cat doorstop